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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

project 365 - week 50

Happy Birthday party! We had Hadlea's birthday party at a bowling alley! The kids LOVED it! After bowling, it was cupcakes, presents, arcade and then onto go-karts! Everyone was worn out afterwards!
Clean teeth! Hadlea is very much into brushing her teeth, which is fine with this momma! She is always willing to jump up on her new stool and start brushing!
Fun time with T-man! Hadlea's friend Trevin came over to play. T's daddy helped Justin hang Hadlea's new tv for her playroom. It is always so fun to watch the kiddos interact together!
Uncle Jock! My little brother Jake came to stay the night. H was LOVING having him over and getting all of his attention! She thought Jake in her tent was super fun!
Christmas Program! Hadlea's daycare had their Christmas program. She did great standing on stage and just looking adorable! She was not about to sing or perform! Ha! She wasn't so sure about Santa once he arrived, but once seeing he had candy canes, she was SO in!
December 16: No picture, but we headed to Medford to celebrate Christmas' with our grandparents!

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