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Monday, December 19, 2011

project 365 - week 49

Bedlam! We had a few people over to watch the bedlam football game, which is Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma. OSU won.. BOO, but Hadlea had a fun time chasing Jackson and Trevin around EVERYWHERE! They had so much fun!
Pictures! Hadlea and I went over to the Roumbanis house to take a few pictures of the boys! We got several good shots for their Christmas cards!
Fire! Hadlea is loving a fire and popcorn! We have had many fun nights camping in front of the fire with a snack!
December 6 - No picture!
December 7 - No picture!
December 8 - No picture!
(Obviously, I have went WAY down hill with the picture taking!)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Hadlea! She turned the BIG 2, and we just couldn't believe it! She spent the day home with momma, out to Panera for lunch, a little shopping and then home for dinner with daddy and the grandparents!

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