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Sunday, December 04, 2011

project 365 - week 48

It is never too early to start! We all got dressed to head out shopping with Nana. Hadlea wanted to carry my purse! Her daddy quickly got her another one as he didn't love the site of her carrying the LV... He has been warned!
Ready for church! Hadlea was all dressed in her hand-me down Justice sweater and ready for church! If she wears a hand-me down outfit and I tell her whose it used to be, she always says, "No, Haddie's".
Shopping with the baby brother! I took a day of vacation and headed to OKC to spend the day with Jake and shopping for his new apartment. 7 hours later we had some great finds and got them all hung up! It was a much needed catch up day too!
No stitches! Hadlea fell in the bathtub while trying to kick and stomp on bubbles. After a picture text sent to Dr Justice, it was determined she didn't need stitches. Just a butterfly bandaid and lots of lovin's!
First fire! Daddy made a fire and momma made popcorn! We settled down to watch some tv and eat a snack around the fire.
"Bubba thirsty". Berkley always hangs out around the bathtub as he knows he will eventually get a drink of water once H gets out. NO IDEA why he loves the soapy water so much, but he does. H has now learned how to give him a drink out of a cup. And she thinks it is super funny!
Popcorn! Hadlea has learned where we keep the popcorn in the pantry. She gets a package, can remove the plastic and will stand at the microwave saying, "popcorn my-wave".... meaning she wants us to open the microwave and put in her popcorn. She always knows where we keep bowls that she can get out too... maybe we just need a stool where she can pop her own popcorn and she wouldn't need us any longer! Ha!


Paige said...

She is so stinking adorable! I hate that she busted her chin but very thankful no stitches were needed!!!!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, I love the picture of them by the fire :) Ok, did you change the name of your blog or am I going crazy? For the longest I have been missing out because I fell a little behind in blogging, but then I didn't know where your blog went in my reader! Ha!

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