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Friday, December 02, 2011

project 365 - week 47

Too early for an eyebrow wax? Momma had to go get her eyebrows waxed and Hadlea thought she needed hers done too! :-) The sweet lady was nice enough to play pretend and clean and brush her eyebrows! Hadlea kept saying, "pretty eyes"!
Clean Teeth! Hadlea loves to brush her teeth. I am sure we do it 10 times a day when we are home. No fight from momma... it is better than fighting her to do it twice! {Notice her two bows... 1 is just never enough these days!}
Basketball! I took off of work to go watch my nephew play an early basketball game. Anything involving Riley and Hannah is right up Hadlea's alley. She LOVED watching Riley.
Monkey! Hadlea is still loving Little Gym. She just loves to swing on the rings and hang from the bars!
Turkey! Hadlea wore her turkey shirt to daycare the day before Thanksgiving! Goodness... she just looked so cute!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Huskey's!
Decorating! Hadlea helped Gigi decorate her Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. Even though they were all at the bottom and in one corner, they looked perfect!

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