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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

happy 2nd birthday: december 9

I am SO far behind on blogging! Hopefully I will have Christmas up before the end of January! Ha! But I could not wait to get Hadlea's birthday posts up! I am wading through TONS of pictures, so be ready for tons of different birthday posts!

Once again, H was spoiled by all... no surprise there! We have talked and talked about her birthday, so I couldn't wait to spoil her rotten on her birthday! I walked in at 9AM to find her awake and peeking out at me!
Daddy and I blew up balloons and filled the hallway after she went to bed the night before. To say she LOVED them would be an understatement! :-)
We spent 30 minutes playing in the hallway before we even made it anywhere else in the house!
Then it was onto breakfast... cinnamon rolls. This recipe. I had made them before and she loved them, so I thought they would be perfect for her birthday morning!
We played and then got dressed and headed out! I am pretty sure everything we did that day started or ended with singing Happy Birthday! She just KNEW it was HER day!
She got some cards and money in the mail!
And a card/gift card sent home from her daycare teacher! Ms Hannah was sweet enough to remember H's bday! Ms Hannah is the best... she recently took a new job and we are SO sad! I made sure to tell her to be back by baby #2!
We also got a package in the mail that I had ordered. I wanted an ornament from each year of H's life with a picture. Personalization Mall was having a great deal so I ordered these. LOVE them. They are ceramic.
Then it was off to lunch at Panera. I am not sure what it is about Panera, but H is always so good there! She knows she gets to set on one side of the booth all alone and eat like a big girl! I almost forgot that I was only eating with a 2 year old!
After lunch and errands, it was back home to play! Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda wanted to drop by to see her on her actual birthday! They got her some Joe's Jeans, an H&M cheetah print coat and a dessert set to go with her new kitchen!
Cousin, Avery, came by to say Happy Birthday too!
Then Gigi, Poppa, Nana and Rusty came over for dinner! H was no doubt in heaven with all of her grandparents in one place! She had to eat dinner with her Gigi and Nana at her new table from Nana and Rusty! (table and chairs are from here)
Then she got to see her new kitchen from Gigi and Poppa and open some pots and pans! (kitchen here, but in white.)
And then onto a cupcake! ...with a couple rounds of blowing out candles!
I still cannot believe my baby girl is 2 YEARS OLD! This has been the fastest two yeas of my life, but I am loving every single minute of it. She is just the most perfect thing I have ever experienced! We cannot wait for another 2 years...


Emily said...

So many sweet photos. Yay for having a wonderful birthday! You deserve it sweet girl!

katie@tulsadetails said...

What a cute birthday girl! Love the balloons in the hall! She must have just had the best day!!! So fun! She is going to be so much fun this Christmas!!

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