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Saturday, December 03, 2011

a few things

Not until about a year ago did I find out that Justin's favorite cake is strawberry. I honestly had no idea. {We have been together 10 YEARS... WIFE.OF.THE.YEAR!?} I guess maybe because I only make chocolate because it was always one we agreed on. I like white cake, he doesn't. So I always made chocolate. One day I was feeling kinda guilty about it, so I searched on Pinterest and made THIS cake. He said it was AMAZING. Since I do not like strawberry cake, I didn't eat much, but yes, it was good. Just too sweet for me!
Do you know how long it takes to make a cake with a 2 year old?! Like a lifetime... OK, so maybe just twice as long as it normally takes, but she loved to help nonetheless!

We have our Christmas decorations up {I will post about them once my new stockings get in!} and Hadlea is loving them. Especially the nativity scene. She will sit and look at them several times every evening. She will 'pet' the sheep and cows. And tell Baby Jesus night-night before bed time! I think the nativity scene is always my favorite Christmas decoration. I cannot wait to get a big nice one some time. They are just so expensive! I am so glad H is loving it too!

Have you ever shopped for a single guy's apartment? If so, WHY didn't you warn me!? My little brother, Jake, has moved into his own apartment and wanted me to come help him fix it up. I took a day of vacation and went to spend the day with him. I got to Oklahoma City about 10AM and left at 5PM! 7 HOURS of shopping. SEVEN HOURS! And we grabbed a quick lunch!
We did get some great finds! A painting and bone/stick decorations at IO Metro, pictures for his dining room and a mirror at Kirklands and some knickknacks at Hobby Lobby.
Even with all of the shopping, it was a much needed catch up day with the baby brother! It was a really fun day, and I am so thankful he trusts my taste to choose me to help him out!

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