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Saturday, December 24, 2011

daycare christmas program

Back on December 15, Hadlea's daycare had their Christmas program. I LOVE her daycare, especially the staff. They treat Hadlea like she is their own! (and this is coming from a person that SWORE they would NEVER send their daughter to a large daycare! I always wanted a nanny or an in-home daycare. After having both of those, I would NEVER go back! But obviously, that is my opinion from experience.)

Since this was my first daycare Christmas program experience, I wasn't sure what to expect! We all got dressed to head out. Hadlea wore a new dress that I had ordered and a pair of tights from last year. I LOVED her outfit! Sometimes I dress her and just SQUEAL from all of the cuteness! She is just too much sometimes! Ha! I was definitely made to be a momma of a baby girl! :-)
 Her class sang "If you are happy and you know it" and then the 3 year old class joined them to sing "The Reindeer Pokey". Hadlea was NOT about to participate in any of it! She stood there all nice and straight, but would not move her mouth or body! Ha! (Her best friend is Ms E in the black and red dress. She talks about E all of the time! Ms E... she has a voice and some moves! We could NOT stop laughing at her! You can definitely tell she is the baby of 3 other girls!)
 After the kids sang, you could go get your child off of the stage. Had and E watched the other kids up front! They just looked SO cute!
And then guess who arrived?! I made a last minute call to the daycare director to see if they needed a Santa. They didn't have one planned, so I made a call to the North Pole and got one set up! There is just nothing cuter than a face of a baby when they see Santa! They chased him all the way to his seat! Hadlea.... well, she wasn't quite sure so she jumped in Uncle Jake's arms!
 Santa lured H with a candy cane and then she was just fine to sit and chat! She actually went back 2 or 3 times!
 Hadlea and her great-granny with Santa!
 Hadlea got to see all of her daycare teachers! She LOVES them... and so do we! I just cannot say enough great things about these girls! They treat Hadlea like gold, keep us up to date daily on how she acts/what they do, etc. They also post pictures or send me texts of things she does during the day! That is just so refreshing to a momma!
Top: Ms Hannah (H's 1 year old teacher and sometimes babysitter / Ms Kelsey (afternoon teacher)
Bottom: Ms Adrian (morning teacher) and Ms Kathy (daycare director)
 Our little family!
 Hadlea and her grandma's! Gigi and Nana
 Some of Hadlea's audience: Gigi, Granny, Uncle Jake and Stephanie
When Hadlea's class first started singing, I about lost it with the tears! I am so proud to be Hadlea's momma. We waited so long to bring her into the world and things like this where dreams I had when we were waiting for a baby!
I am so thankful we found this daycare, and I am so thankful for the amazing staff that they have!

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