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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011: Kilian

My dad's family's Christmas was the Sunday following my mom's side's Christmas {did that make sense at all?! ha!} This is our HUGE family. With my grandparents, my dady's brothers/sisters {there are 12 of them}, spouses, grandkids and great-grandkids, I think I counted 97 people. Not everyone was there. Yes... that is one LARGE family! So different from the 16 that make up my mom's side.

Here are most of the GREAT grandkids that were at the Christmas....
our family with gma and gpa {minus alan and amanda}
with my uncle gary {godfather} / with my cousin, Shelly {love her!}
hadlea and her new best friend/cousin, lola / hadlea and mason playing babies! ha!
hadlea pushing her baby! LOVED her new outfit!
It seems Santa knew where we were at all times this Christmas season. He showed up so many times! I am just SO thankful H loved him! It could have been a rough year with as many times as we seen him! Ha!
We had such a great Christmas. Hadlea got some new movies. She also received a little camera as a late birthday present from my aunt rene and uncle tony. When we got home, I was unloading bags and didn't hear her. I later found her in her room. She set her baby and frog in the chair and was taking their picture! Just melted my heart! Ha! Atleast she knows pictures HAVE to be done! :-)

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