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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

weekend of family, a wedding and pictures

This past weekend we headed to Medford for my cousin's wedding. We normally leave out on Friday to spend the entire weekend, but we have been going so much that I think we are all exhausted, including H! So we spent one extra night at home so we could all sleep in our own beds and headed out Saturday morning!

Berkley is always excited to go anywhere... he is such a great co-pilot!
My two babies in the back with me! Hadlea isn't usually the greatest traveler, but this time I took stuff to keep her busy. She was alot of fun!
We spent all day just laying around and taking naps. Gigi hasn't been feeling too well so we all laid low! I do not know what it is about my parents house, except all I want to do is sleep at their house! It gets me every.single.time! It must just be that feeling of HOME!

That evening, we all got around for the wedding! My sweet family!
My husband HATES pictures... and I try to never use the word hate, but he definitely despises them THAT much! But he always gives in after some whining from me! Ha!
Hadlea with Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda!
The bride, Emily, and I!
We got up bright and early on Sunday morning to head back home. I have had family pictures scheduled for months, but we had never talked about a date other than 'in November'. How did I know it would also fall on the weekend of the wedding!? But I wasn't about to turn them down... you know how I LOVE my pictures!
This is just a sneak peek of one of her outfits. And this is with my iPhone, but I just think she is the cutest thing ever! Nope, not biased AT ALL! :-)
After pictures, it was back home to change, out to dinner and then to WM for groceries! I guess we continue to think we just do not have enough going on!
We went out to a new Italian place. It was OK. A little too pricey for the food, so I doubt we go back, but H LOVED the meatballs!
So I guess to sum it up, we has a super fun, fast weekend! Got to see alot of my family and friends. We did miss Ady's birthday party, which made us super sad, but I know she had a great birthday! I hope you have an awesome birthday tomorrow, Ady! We love you so much!

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Emily said...

Love her "hadlea" dress!! So cute!

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