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Thursday, November 10, 2011

thursday thoughts...

Work has been crazy, and we have had something every single night. No surprise there! We have so much going on, and I have all of these thoughts running through my head... so why not just write them here?! I have no pictures. :-( Sorry Gparents!
  • Work is crazy as we dwindle down to Thanksgiving! After next week, we will be ALOT slower as most will be on vacation! After next week, I do not work a full week the rest of the year!
  • My baby girl turned 23 months yesterday! I COULD NOT write about it... which means I cannot even write this bullet without tearing up! Where did the time go?! She CANNOT be a month shy of TWO YEARS OLD! ...moving on.
  • Justin and I are trying to budget our Christmas this year. Yikes! I have never added up how much I spend at Christmas. Let's just say I am glad I never have! After making a list for this year, I can tell you I have always bought WAY out of my budget! Hoping this year is better!
  • I just started Christmas shopping two days ago. {enter panic here}. But I think I know what I want to buy everyone, I just have to get out and do it.
  • I have not bought one thing for Hadlea for her birthday. Remember... it is less than a month a way! {enter panic here}
  • Can you tell I am panicking just a little bit!? It wouldn't be so bad if I had an idea on what to buy her for her birthday! I have not one single thing! NOTHING in mind! I have given all of my ideas to grandparents! {note to sell... do not give out your ideas to anyone! It will help with the panicking:) }
  • I am thankful that Hadlea is too young to know about presents. It does relieve some stress!
  • I have been writing a thankful Thanksgiving post for about a week now. I think I cry every time I start writing about someone.
  • Man... motherhood made me an emotional mess! Ha!
  • I planned to make alot of Hadlea's birthday supplies for her birthday, but I got nervous and ordered everything, except her invites! I made them back in September! Thankfully! 
  • I do plan to make her a skirt to wear with a shirt I ordered her. Wish me luck! :)
  • I really thought writing this all down would make me feel better... I think I now feel sick knowing I have so much to do!
Hope you have a great Thursday! I better stop writing for now! :)

1 comment:

Emily said...

I have so much Christmas stuff to do still too. Having a kiddo with a Dec birthday just makes the stress THAT much bigger!

Try not to stress - we'll get it all done...eventually! ha!

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