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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

I am not sure if it is me getting older or everything that is happening in life, but this Thanksgiving weekend seemed to be emotional. Tonight, I am more than thankful for everything I have... my family, friends and our health. Not having my Grandad with us for Thanksgiving was hard. I know I will continue to pray extra hard for my Granny as Christmas approaches. Also, a teacher where I went to high school was killed in a car accident Friday morning after being out Black Friday shopping. She had 3 kids with her in the car. All were okay, but the driver of the other car was also killed. Just really praying for their families today. It would be so hard to lose someone, yet extra hard to lose them around the holidays. An anniversary of a death is never fun, and I cannot imagine having that anniversary right before what is supposed to be the greatest time of the year!

I guess having all of those thoughts over the weekend made me think about the last 3 years and our journey to become parents! This has definitely been a fast few years... but I know I am right where I am supposed to be! And so thankful for the gift that God gave us...
{holy cow... at 38 weeks I was rather large! :-) }
We had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! We headed to Medford on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning, the rest of the family came in and we headed to the church for my dad's side of the family lunch. {Only about 50 people made it to Thanksgiving on my dad's side. I think there are usually around 70-80 of us. It seemed so bare without everyone there! Hope to see everyone there at Christmas!}
Hadlea definitely soaked up all of the attention of those that were there!

Alan, Amanda and H / Jake, H and I / Jake and H / Kaitlyn and H
 Taylor, H and I / the whole family / 4 generations! (Granny, Gigi, Me and H / Our family of 3!
 After lunch, we headed to my Uncle Kevin's (dad's brother). They live on the farm and have the beginnings of a zoo! Jk! They had one week old baby puppies (which H thought were A-mazing!), pigs, kitty cats and sheep! She was pretty much in heaven!
We got to spend alot of time playing around Gigi and Poppa's.
No doubt that H is the center of attention at Gigi and Poppas and she gets pretty much whatever she wants... including money from Uncle Alan and Uncle Jake! Even though it was just $1 this time, I will be working on her asking for $5 from each next time! ... I mean, she needs to start building her own car and college fund now, right?! :-)
She also played kitchen (her birthday present which she will need to forget about before her birthday Ha!) with Uncle Alan and also showed off her splits... I showed H how to do the splits one time and now she goes around trying them all of the time. Hilarious!
After H went to bed Thursday night and some of the family left, we headed to see some of my high school friends.
Mikki Rae and I / Mikki, Jonathon and I / Justin and my baby brother, Jake
We got up early Friday morning and headed back. We wanted to get back in time to watch the Arkansas vs. LSU game with some friends. The game didn't turn out the way we wanted, but LSU is definitely better than I thought they were! :-( Not really an LSU fan even though my cousin coaches for them... definitely makes for a fun rivalry!
Saturday morning, we got ready to meet Nana for a little shopping. I got H dressed and I guess two pigtails and 2 bows were not enough... a PINK headband was needed too! She also wanted to carry my LV purse, but I don't think you can ever start them too early! Ha! Saturday afternoon, we put up our Christmas decorations, then went to dinner and then came back and let H add her decorations. Even though they are all on one side and at the bottom, the tree had never looked better! :-)
Sunday was church, which H was all dressed up in her warm sweater for...
After church, it was lunch and then a lazy day around the house. We spent most of the day trying to avoid tantrums since H wouldn't nap! To be so sweet and loving sometimes, that girl can turn down right hateful and mean! I say she gets it from her daddy! Ha! I am pretty sure he disagrees!

We had such a fun weekend with family and friends! Definitely wish there were more 'family' holidays throughout the year! Being together is always so great for the heart!

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Emily said...

So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I just love H's dress!

Tantrums are a pretty common occurence around here too. Welcome 2s - ha!

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