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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

project 365 - week 46

Shopping day! Gigi came to down to finish her Christmas shopping so we all headed to the mall. Gigi and H played on the carousel while Justin and I did some shopping!
Creative! While I was cleaning out closets and putting some of Hadlea's clothes in the attic, she dug out some old shoe boxes that I was throwing away. She decided to make herself a balance beam. She did this all on her own... You think she thinks of Little Gym much?! :-)
Future profession?! Hadlea thought daddy needed a trim!
Sick baby! Hadlea developed another ear infection. Thankfully we caught it with some new ear drops (Wally's from GNC) and several trips to the chiropractor. She stayed home a couple days from daycare (one with me, one with daddy). But I definitely enjoyed the snuggles from her and her brother! Although working one handed is kind of difficult!
Silly girl! Hadlea wore some hand-me down clothes from KK and Brynlee. I told her they were Brynlee's clothes and her response, "No. Haddie's clothes". Either way... she looks so big in 2T clothes!
Momma's big helper! Hadlea is into helping with everything! Cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry! No arguments here!
Sleepy baby! I get to watch this every day while I work. Geesh... I love him so much!

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