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Saturday, November 19, 2011

project 365 - week 45

You can find week 44 here!

Mr & Mrs Kolar. We headed to Medford for my cousin's wedding! It was a beautiful wedding and a great time! So glad to get to see some of my family in town.
Picture day! We headed back home bright and early the next morning from the wedding for our family pictures by Addie Scott Photography! She never disappoints!
I went in to get Hadlea one morning and this is how I found her.... I guess one paci just wasn't enough that morning! :-)
TLG! Hadlea made it to little gym after missing a week. She was so happy to swing on the rings again!
Yeah Hadlea! Hadlea has started referring to herself in 3rd person. Anytime she does something, she cheers, "Yeah Hadlea"! This is after she put on some boots! :-)
Hey cowgirl! Hadlea was playing with her cowboy hat from Nana! She kept saying, "cute hat, Hadlea!"
I thought Hadlea looked SO cute (and old) in her outfit, and I wanted a picture, but I could NOT get her to stay still... so I handed her a comb which she put in her mouth... whatever it takes!!

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