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Sunday, November 06, 2011

project 365 - week 44

You can find week 43 here!

Ready for Halloween! Hadlea and Berk got all dressed up to practice for trick-or-treating! Cutest pirates around!
Family pictures! We had our family pictures done at Woodard park by Nicole Sullivan!
Happy Halloween! Hadlea loved every.single.minute of trick-or-treating!
Crazy hair! Hadlea is definitely into dressing herself... notice the bow AND headband!
Multi-tasker! Hadlea always take a handful of stuff to the car before going to daycare. A baby, blankets and whatever else she passes gets a ride to daycare and back. And usually when she runs out of hands, she starts stuffing her food and drinks into her load... I guess all of that working carrying her gear makes for one thirsty girl!
Prince Riley! Hadlea and I went to watch Riley at his school coronation!
My future shopper! Hadlea, daddy and I went out to eat and then to do a little shopping. Hadlea was in a great mood and loved to see herself in mirrors as we passed them. She is into making faces in the mirror...

1 comment:

Sarah said...

She's so cute carrying all that stuff! I feel like that's what I look like some days! :)

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