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Friday, November 04, 2011

Prince Riley & Corn on the Cob

My nephew's school has a fund raiser to sell raffle tickets to win prizes... flat screen tv, tree stand, iPad, motorized scooter, etc. The girl and boy from each class that sells the most tickets becomes the Prince and Princess of their class. My nephew won for his class and became Prince Riley! :-) He was definitely the most handsome too! And no... I am not just biased! Ha!
{sorry. blurry pic. should definitely break out my good camera that sits in a bag!}
The winners overall become the King and Queen. I have no idea who these kids are {hence the hearts on their faces}, but I thought this was just the cutest thing ever! And this is only elementary school! The kids all together raised over $11, 000! Really Impressive!
 Hadlea was no doubt excited to see her Riley. Although we missed our Hannah Banana who was home with strep throat!
 They have a fall carnival with games after the coronation, but it was outside and cold! The kids played a couple games and we headed home!
 When we got home, daddy was waiting with dinner! Hadlea is way into corn on the cob there days. She finished off the entire thing. Well... with a few bites for momma!

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