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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

h's weekend with gigi and poppa

While Justin and our friends/family celebrated my dirty thirty, Hadlea went to Medford to stay the weekend with Gigi and Poppa. I have let her stay one night without me there before, but I was barely away from her for more than 24 hours. And I know I have been away for a couple weekends from her, but Gigi normally comes to stay at our house, which makes me feel SO much better because Hadlea is at home in her normal routine. Hadlea isn't the best traveler or sleeper away from home, so when I have to be gone, I just feel most comfortable knowing she is at home in her own environment. I know that makes me sound like 'THE' crazy over protective momma, but I am COMPLETELY fine with that! :-)

Because alot of my friends that were coming to the party are from out of town, we sent H to Gigi and Poppa's so we would have more room for sleeping arrangements. And thankfully we did.... a large group coming in after 3AM can be kind of loud! Ha!

Gigi is always great to send pictures when she has H. And by looking at them, it looks like H was perfectly fine being away from home! They went to the vet to work cattle with Poppa.
It must have been hard work because she needed a break to drink!
More helping Poppa... which caused her to step in cow poop so Poppa had to clean them off. I definitely heard "Me step poop, Poppa clean shoe" a million times when she got back! :)
Then it was off to the farm to help feed the cows and see Poppa's pets... The cat 'Fatso' and dog 'Bubba'.
Riding the buggy with poppa, sittin' in the tractor wheel with Gigi and then because she got dirty, poppa had to blow her off with the air hose! She thought that was super funny!
Then it was off to the park!
And back home to Momma and Daddy, where we got lots of pats and kisses!
I know Hadlea is always in good hands, no matter who has her. If I didn't trust them, they obviously wouldn't have her... but man, does it feel good to have her back home! I always find it so hard to sleep when she isn't around. After all, I probably look at her 100x a night on the monitor... kind of hard to do when she isn't with me! :)

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