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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving eve

I CANNOT believe it is the day before Thanksgiving! Where has the year went?! It has been such a great year, but we are down to the best part... holidays with our friends and family! In a couple of hours we are headed west...

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Work is always CRAZY (working 14-16 hour days) right before the holidays with last minute requests, reports and projects due before the holiday freeze begins! So when it hits Thanksgiving, it is pretty much smooth sailing from here!

Hadlea was all dressed up this morning for daycare in her current favorite shirt! She just squeals anytime she sees this shirt! She says, "Turkey say gobble, gobble" as she shakes her head! :-) {I bought this shirt back in August and it seems to be pretty popular this year! I think there are like 100 different versions! So fun!}
 Last weekend I took my oldest nieces senior pictures. Obviously by the look of her, they weren't very hard! She is just so photogenic! And gorgeous!
Hadlea has been busy keeping up with her beauty as well... brushing her teeth and getting her eyebrows done! {okay... so momma got hers done and H just wanted to try out the bed! Ha! The sweet lady did brush her eyebrows which made H think she was in heaven!}
{I got Hadlea's birthday present in (I will share later) and let her try it out. She is standing on it while brushing her teeth. To say it was the perfect gift for our climber is an understatement. I am 'somewhat' bad at holding gifts! I guess I need to get better as she gets older and actually remembers!}
 We went to watch my nephew play basketball. Riley plays on a 4th grade team for his school. They were hilarious to watch! Although alot of the kids had the idea of the game. I was very impressed. I will never get tired of watching him play!
 We have had chiropractic appointments and Little Gym.... which Hadlea LOVES! ...which also wear her out! Ha!
It has been a busy few weeks, but from here on out, it is only 3 or 4 day work weeks! We have some fun stuff planned along the way... a trip to see my baby brother, shop and decorate his new place, a little girls awesome 2nd birthday and days off just to spend with her! And hopefully a night or two with my niece and nephew too! H always loves that! 

Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving with their family and friends! I am counting down the minutes to get to mine!

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