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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween Weekend 2011

I LOVE Fall! It is definitely my favorite right behind summer! I love the 'cooler' weather {notice cooler... NOT cold! I HATE the cold!}, the beautiful trees, tights, shrugs and boots {my daily attire}, and the holidays!
Halloween is definitely that time that kicks everything off for us! And I only thought we were busy during the fall before H came along! Now we have to plan for her to trick or treat, her parties and play time with friends/cousins, and it books the weekends and evenings faster than I ever thought possible! But I love it... and today, I am extra thankful for my 4 weeks and 2 days of vacation... since I am now going to start using them to clean and do my household chores during the week since every single weekend is booked for us through the end of the year! :-)

I have to say this was my most favorite Halloween to date! Although it was stressful at times, it was perfect! {PS... never watch pedophile shows on tv before Halloween. It will complete ruin certain moments of trick or treating! :) }

Saturday morning, H got up and dressed in her ever ADORABLE Pirate costume! {And I cannot tell you how much she LOVED having Berkley dressed up too! She squealed for a good 5 minutes! Ha!} We went and met Aunt Amanda and cousin Avery {the squirrel} to trick or treat at BooHaHa. The stores on Brookside all hand out candy, which H LOVED to take! She was always so sweet to say, "trick treat" and "thankful", which she sometimes signed! <3
We then went shopping for some clothes for our family pictures that were Sunday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute for 8 people to find coordinating clothes! But we did!
That evening, Gigi and Poppa came to town and we headed to dinner. H was so good and everyone LOVED her costume. She was so proud to show it off! Although her Pirate sound of "Arrrrgggghhh" sounds more like a Bear's growl! Ha!
{H LOVES her Gigi and Poppa. But Gigi's days of being the favorite are numbered. Poppa is about to take over! Gigi... you better get ready!! :-)}
Sunday was family picture day! We wore black, gray and a darker turquoise/blue color. We haven't seen any of them yet, but I know they will be great! This one I snapped with my phone before we left. My brother Jake and his GF Erica and H and Daddy!
Sunday night at 10PM I decided H needed treat bags to take to school for her party! Thankfully I had already bought some of the stuff, it was just printing out tags and filling the bags! I am so thankful for free printables these days... add in a little photoshopping and you have some personalized cards!! :-)
Monday was Hadlea's school party! They normally post pics after the parties, but I haven't seen any yet! No doubt all of those sweet babes dressed up was adorable!
Monday evening, we were invited to a party by Allison/Finley and Emily/Cate. We met them for lunch not too long ago, so I was so happy for H to see them again and play with the girls! The food was GREAT! I think I could have eaten my weight in all of the soups! :) They had soups, chips/dips and some super fun deserts!
Then it was off to trick or treat in their neighborhood!
Obviously, H thought it was THE GREATEST thing ever! She ran full speed the entire time, not wanting any help! Thankfully she let Allison help her a few times!
Daddy/H and Mommy/H!
The party was so much fun! I definitely think we need more of those throughout the year! Thanks so much for having us Allison and Emily! And hope to have a girls night with you all soon... you too Katie! :-)

Obviously we accomplished alot in 3 days. It was ALOT of work, a little stressful but super fun!


Carmela said...

beautiful pictures!!

stopping by to send some bloggy love from your new follower.

hope you can follow me back

katie@tulsadetails said...

So fun to see you and catch up! Hadlea couldn't be any cuter!!!!! Love the trick or treat pics! She looks so happy!!

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