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Thursday, November 24, 2011

24 Thankfuls.

It seems every year on Facebook that everyone does the 24 days of Thanksgiving... each day saying what they are most thankful for. I LOVE to read what everyone is thankful for... some being really serious, others being funny. Nonetheless, all things that people are truly thankful for. I have never participated, but there is so much I am thankful for that it is so hard to narrow it down to 24! I am just so blessed... and I am SO thankful for that!
  • Jesus. Who died for me so I could have eternal life. Who I can pray to and instantly feel better. Who even though I do wrong, forgives me. There really is no greater love!
  • Justin. My best friend. The love of my life. At times he makes me think I am losing my mind, but my life would be so incomplete without him! There is no one else that I would rather share my life with... and no one else I would choose to be the father of my children.
  • Hadlea. I truly didn't know love before her. I thought I did, but the second I seen her, I knew I had never experienced a love like that.
  • Berkley. To most, he is just a dog. To me, he is the best companion that God could have given me. God knew when I needed him, and he came into my life at the most perfect time.
  • Mom and Dad. Two people that have shaped me into the person I am today. At times I thought they were the meanest people on earth. Today, I think they are high on a pedestal close to Jesus Himself! I hope to be half the parent they are to me!
  • Nana and Rusty. Two people that excepted me as their own. They never had to, but chose to. They raised a son with the most loving heart. Two of the most caring and giving people.
  • Riley and Hannah. Wish they lived in my house! Ha! I love these two as my own. They make me so proud to be their aunt and make my heart so full of love.
  • Alan, Amanda and Jake. Three people that I look up to in different ways. I can call any of them at anytime and they will be there for me no matter the situation. I have no doubts my daughter will look up to them the rest of her life.
  • Brandon and Leslie. Two more people that excepted me when they didn't have to. We rely on Leslie for so many things and she is always there when we needed her. I will forever be grateful for my first SIL!
  • Grandparents. Not many people the have the memories I do with my grandparents. The best of those memories are the ones of them and Hadlea! I am so thankful that Hadlea met all four of them. But this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my Grandad and the memories I have with him. RIP Grandaddy! I cannot wait to see you again!
  • Aunts, Uncles and cousins. There are SO many of them, but I am thankful for the way that each one has shaped my life. At some time in my life, each one of them has made an impact in my life!
  • Best Friends. Life is not the same without them. People that never judge and you can pour your heart out to. I am been blessed with some amazing friends!
  • Our health. It seems that there is so much 'sickness' in the world today. I am so thankful for Justin, Hadlea, Berkley and I all being healthy!
  • Our Jobs. So many have lost their jobs in the last few years. I cannot imagine how that feels. I am thankful for the stable jobs that support our family!
  • Our home, food and utilities. We have a place to call our own that keeps us safe and comfortable. We have food to keep us nourished. We have heat and ac to keep us warm and cool. No doubt we take those things for granted!
  • Sports. Even though sports and my competitiveness might shorten my life by 10 years, I am thankful for the ability to play and watch the game. Football, most of all! :)
  • Memories. I am so thankful for fun memories of the past. I can definitely say I have very few bad memories. I believe they have all made me who I am today.
  • Technology. Is this questionable?! :-) I am so thankful for Facebook to see my cousin's and their kids and old friends who live hours away from us.
  • Blogging. Another that is NOT questionable! My husband might disagree. But obviously you might be thankful too or you wouldn't be reading this! Ha! But I am thankful for my blog friends... who are in the same stage of life with an almost 2 year old and let me know I am NOT crazy!
  • Parenting. Thankful that God chose to let me be a parent, especially Hadlea's momma! It could have very easily not been in His plan for me, but it was. And I am SO grateful!
  • Freedom. To live in a country where I can believe my own beliefs and raise my daughter in my own ways! Thankful for our soldiers and their families who choose to fight for the freedom that we have!
  • Hope. It is an amazing thing. To me, hope is when you want something so badly and pray for it... knowing that if it is meant to be that He will answer it!
  • Love. I am thankful to love and be loved by so many! I think our lives are centered around being loved and loving others. I am so thankful for God's love for me!
  • Thankfulness. I have so many things to be thankful for. But most of all, I am still most thankful for God's saving grace... and her...

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