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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


me + blood = no bueno!

You can ask my nephew. He never lets me forgot the time he stayed with us and decided before bedtime to pull his tooth. He walks into the living room where I am with a tooth and a pool of blood in his hand, along with blood down his face! I FREAKED out. My exact words, "ummm... I'm not sure what to do with you. Go find your Uncle Justin!" He laughed and thought it was super funny.

Which lead me to these events:
1. Hadlea taking a bath and playing in the bubbles.
2. Busted chin. Stitches or no stitches?!
3. Dr Daddy.
4. Proud of her band aids!
I walk out of the bathroom for 2 seconds to tape the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (mother of the year, I know!). She yells, "momma, come here." When I turn to walk back into the bathroom, I hear a thud followed by a huge breathtaking scream. I ASSUMED she bit her tongue or cheek. I check her mouth out, but see nothing. Within about 30 seconds she stops crying. I asked her if she was ok. She said yes. She then looks down. When she looks back up, there is blood all over her chest! I FREAKED!
Justin had walked next door to the neighbors. I call  him and yell GET HOME! He comes running in. As he walks into the bathroom, Hadlea says, "Me fall down. Me got ouchie".
I get a rag and dab her chin. We got back and forth on stitches or no stitches. I didn't think it needed it... or nothing a few little butterfly band aids wouldn't fix. We shoot a text picture to Dr Justice and he confirms, no stitches. Just some cream and a band aid (he actually said maybe a little glue, but we didn't have any).

I honestly cannot believe how Hadlea reacted! She hardly cried at all. I definitely cried more than she did! I just felt so bad for leaving her for more than just a few seconds! But I am so thankful it wasn't worse and that she wasn't in any pain!

Tough baby girl we have! ...alot tougher than her momma and daddy!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

I am not sure if it is me getting older or everything that is happening in life, but this Thanksgiving weekend seemed to be emotional. Tonight, I am more than thankful for everything I have... my family, friends and our health. Not having my Grandad with us for Thanksgiving was hard. I know I will continue to pray extra hard for my Granny as Christmas approaches. Also, a teacher where I went to high school was killed in a car accident Friday morning after being out Black Friday shopping. She had 3 kids with her in the car. All were okay, but the driver of the other car was also killed. Just really praying for their families today. It would be so hard to lose someone, yet extra hard to lose them around the holidays. An anniversary of a death is never fun, and I cannot imagine having that anniversary right before what is supposed to be the greatest time of the year!

I guess having all of those thoughts over the weekend made me think about the last 3 years and our journey to become parents! This has definitely been a fast few years... but I know I am right where I am supposed to be! And so thankful for the gift that God gave us...
{holy cow... at 38 weeks I was rather large! :-) }
We had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! We headed to Medford on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning, the rest of the family came in and we headed to the church for my dad's side of the family lunch. {Only about 50 people made it to Thanksgiving on my dad's side. I think there are usually around 70-80 of us. It seemed so bare without everyone there! Hope to see everyone there at Christmas!}
Hadlea definitely soaked up all of the attention of those that were there!

Alan, Amanda and H / Jake, H and I / Jake and H / Kaitlyn and H
 Taylor, H and I / the whole family / 4 generations! (Granny, Gigi, Me and H / Our family of 3!
 After lunch, we headed to my Uncle Kevin's (dad's brother). They live on the farm and have the beginnings of a zoo! Jk! They had one week old baby puppies (which H thought were A-mazing!), pigs, kitty cats and sheep! She was pretty much in heaven!
We got to spend alot of time playing around Gigi and Poppa's.
No doubt that H is the center of attention at Gigi and Poppas and she gets pretty much whatever she wants... including money from Uncle Alan and Uncle Jake! Even though it was just $1 this time, I will be working on her asking for $5 from each next time! ... I mean, she needs to start building her own car and college fund now, right?! :-)
She also played kitchen (her birthday present which she will need to forget about before her birthday Ha!) with Uncle Alan and also showed off her splits... I showed H how to do the splits one time and now she goes around trying them all of the time. Hilarious!
After H went to bed Thursday night and some of the family left, we headed to see some of my high school friends.
Mikki Rae and I / Mikki, Jonathon and I / Justin and my baby brother, Jake
We got up early Friday morning and headed back. We wanted to get back in time to watch the Arkansas vs. LSU game with some friends. The game didn't turn out the way we wanted, but LSU is definitely better than I thought they were! :-( Not really an LSU fan even though my cousin coaches for them... definitely makes for a fun rivalry!
Saturday morning, we got ready to meet Nana for a little shopping. I got H dressed and I guess two pigtails and 2 bows were not enough... a PINK headband was needed too! She also wanted to carry my LV purse, but I don't think you can ever start them too early! Ha! Saturday afternoon, we put up our Christmas decorations, then went to dinner and then came back and let H add her decorations. Even though they are all on one side and at the bottom, the tree had never looked better! :-)
Sunday was church, which H was all dressed up in her warm sweater for...
After church, it was lunch and then a lazy day around the house. We spent most of the day trying to avoid tantrums since H wouldn't nap! To be so sweet and loving sometimes, that girl can turn down right hateful and mean! I say she gets it from her daddy! Ha! I am pretty sure he disagrees!

We had such a fun weekend with family and friends! Definitely wish there were more 'family' holidays throughout the year! Being together is always so great for the heart!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

24 Thankfuls.

It seems every year on Facebook that everyone does the 24 days of Thanksgiving... each day saying what they are most thankful for. I LOVE to read what everyone is thankful for... some being really serious, others being funny. Nonetheless, all things that people are truly thankful for. I have never participated, but there is so much I am thankful for that it is so hard to narrow it down to 24! I am just so blessed... and I am SO thankful for that!
  • Jesus. Who died for me so I could have eternal life. Who I can pray to and instantly feel better. Who even though I do wrong, forgives me. There really is no greater love!
  • Justin. My best friend. The love of my life. At times he makes me think I am losing my mind, but my life would be so incomplete without him! There is no one else that I would rather share my life with... and no one else I would choose to be the father of my children.
  • Hadlea. I truly didn't know love before her. I thought I did, but the second I seen her, I knew I had never experienced a love like that.
  • Berkley. To most, he is just a dog. To me, he is the best companion that God could have given me. God knew when I needed him, and he came into my life at the most perfect time.
  • Mom and Dad. Two people that have shaped me into the person I am today. At times I thought they were the meanest people on earth. Today, I think they are high on a pedestal close to Jesus Himself! I hope to be half the parent they are to me!
  • Nana and Rusty. Two people that excepted me as their own. They never had to, but chose to. They raised a son with the most loving heart. Two of the most caring and giving people.
  • Riley and Hannah. Wish they lived in my house! Ha! I love these two as my own. They make me so proud to be their aunt and make my heart so full of love.
  • Alan, Amanda and Jake. Three people that I look up to in different ways. I can call any of them at anytime and they will be there for me no matter the situation. I have no doubts my daughter will look up to them the rest of her life.
  • Brandon and Leslie. Two more people that excepted me when they didn't have to. We rely on Leslie for so many things and she is always there when we needed her. I will forever be grateful for my first SIL!
  • Grandparents. Not many people the have the memories I do with my grandparents. The best of those memories are the ones of them and Hadlea! I am so thankful that Hadlea met all four of them. But this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my Grandad and the memories I have with him. RIP Grandaddy! I cannot wait to see you again!
  • Aunts, Uncles and cousins. There are SO many of them, but I am thankful for the way that each one has shaped my life. At some time in my life, each one of them has made an impact in my life!
  • Best Friends. Life is not the same without them. People that never judge and you can pour your heart out to. I am been blessed with some amazing friends!
  • Our health. It seems that there is so much 'sickness' in the world today. I am so thankful for Justin, Hadlea, Berkley and I all being healthy!
  • Our Jobs. So many have lost their jobs in the last few years. I cannot imagine how that feels. I am thankful for the stable jobs that support our family!
  • Our home, food and utilities. We have a place to call our own that keeps us safe and comfortable. We have food to keep us nourished. We have heat and ac to keep us warm and cool. No doubt we take those things for granted!
  • Sports. Even though sports and my competitiveness might shorten my life by 10 years, I am thankful for the ability to play and watch the game. Football, most of all! :)
  • Memories. I am so thankful for fun memories of the past. I can definitely say I have very few bad memories. I believe they have all made me who I am today.
  • Technology. Is this questionable?! :-) I am so thankful for Facebook to see my cousin's and their kids and old friends who live hours away from us.
  • Blogging. Another that is NOT questionable! My husband might disagree. But obviously you might be thankful too or you wouldn't be reading this! Ha! But I am thankful for my blog friends... who are in the same stage of life with an almost 2 year old and let me know I am NOT crazy!
  • Parenting. Thankful that God chose to let me be a parent, especially Hadlea's momma! It could have very easily not been in His plan for me, but it was. And I am SO grateful!
  • Freedom. To live in a country where I can believe my own beliefs and raise my daughter in my own ways! Thankful for our soldiers and their families who choose to fight for the freedom that we have!
  • Hope. It is an amazing thing. To me, hope is when you want something so badly and pray for it... knowing that if it is meant to be that He will answer it!
  • Love. I am thankful to love and be loved by so many! I think our lives are centered around being loved and loving others. I am so thankful for God's love for me!
  • Thankfulness. I have so many things to be thankful for. But most of all, I am still most thankful for God's saving grace... and her...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving eve

I CANNOT believe it is the day before Thanksgiving! Where has the year went?! It has been such a great year, but we are down to the best part... holidays with our friends and family! In a couple of hours we are headed west...

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Work is always CRAZY (working 14-16 hour days) right before the holidays with last minute requests, reports and projects due before the holiday freeze begins! So when it hits Thanksgiving, it is pretty much smooth sailing from here!

Hadlea was all dressed up this morning for daycare in her current favorite shirt! She just squeals anytime she sees this shirt! She says, "Turkey say gobble, gobble" as she shakes her head! :-) {I bought this shirt back in August and it seems to be pretty popular this year! I think there are like 100 different versions! So fun!}
 Last weekend I took my oldest nieces senior pictures. Obviously by the look of her, they weren't very hard! She is just so photogenic! And gorgeous!
Hadlea has been busy keeping up with her beauty as well... brushing her teeth and getting her eyebrows done! {okay... so momma got hers done and H just wanted to try out the bed! Ha! The sweet lady did brush her eyebrows which made H think she was in heaven!}
{I got Hadlea's birthday present in (I will share later) and let her try it out. She is standing on it while brushing her teeth. To say it was the perfect gift for our climber is an understatement. I am 'somewhat' bad at holding gifts! I guess I need to get better as she gets older and actually remembers!}
 We went to watch my nephew play basketball. Riley plays on a 4th grade team for his school. They were hilarious to watch! Although alot of the kids had the idea of the game. I was very impressed. I will never get tired of watching him play!
 We have had chiropractic appointments and Little Gym.... which Hadlea LOVES! ...which also wear her out! Ha!
It has been a busy few weeks, but from here on out, it is only 3 or 4 day work weeks! We have some fun stuff planned along the way... a trip to see my baby brother, shop and decorate his new place, a little girls awesome 2nd birthday and days off just to spend with her! And hopefully a night or two with my niece and nephew too! H always loves that! 

Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving with their family and friends! I am counting down the minutes to get to mine!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

project 365 - week 46

Shopping day! Gigi came to down to finish her Christmas shopping so we all headed to the mall. Gigi and H played on the carousel while Justin and I did some shopping!
Creative! While I was cleaning out closets and putting some of Hadlea's clothes in the attic, she dug out some old shoe boxes that I was throwing away. She decided to make herself a balance beam. She did this all on her own... You think she thinks of Little Gym much?! :-)
Future profession?! Hadlea thought daddy needed a trim!
Sick baby! Hadlea developed another ear infection. Thankfully we caught it with some new ear drops (Wally's from GNC) and several trips to the chiropractor. She stayed home a couple days from daycare (one with me, one with daddy). But I definitely enjoyed the snuggles from her and her brother! Although working one handed is kind of difficult!
Silly girl! Hadlea wore some hand-me down clothes from KK and Brynlee. I told her they were Brynlee's clothes and her response, "No. Haddie's clothes". Either way... she looks so big in 2T clothes!
Momma's big helper! Hadlea is into helping with everything! Cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry! No arguments here!
Sleepy baby! I get to watch this every day while I work. Geesh... I love him so much!

Monday, November 21, 2011

the entire family

We had family pictures to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. Nicole Sullivan was gracious enough to take our last minute request and make it happen! She definitely captured some great ones!

Amanda's family also met us at the park to take pictures. So thankful Alan married into such a great family that loves him so much!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

zb band

A group of us went to the Zac Brown Band concert while he was in Tulsa a couple of weeks ago. Fred and Julie bought everyone's tickets for Fred's birthday! We had such a great time! Never a dull moment with these people!
Kathy, Julie and I
Clark, Justin, Fred and Kathy
Fred's birthday snowcone + candle
After the concert, we headed to a bar to meet some other friends. They were having a concert at midnight after the ZB concert. It was definitely a late night/early morning!
with J and Fred
with the newlyweds! Alissa/Me & Justin/Dustin
After the bar, we headed to breakfast. Again, an early morning! Someone should tell you that a lack of sleep is harder to recover at 30 than it was at 29! :-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

project 365 - week 45

You can find week 44 here!

Mr & Mrs Kolar. We headed to Medford for my cousin's wedding! It was a beautiful wedding and a great time! So glad to get to see some of my family in town.
Picture day! We headed back home bright and early the next morning from the wedding for our family pictures by Addie Scott Photography! She never disappoints!
I went in to get Hadlea one morning and this is how I found her.... I guess one paci just wasn't enough that morning! :-)
TLG! Hadlea made it to little gym after missing a week. She was so happy to swing on the rings again!
Yeah Hadlea! Hadlea has started referring to herself in 3rd person. Anytime she does something, she cheers, "Yeah Hadlea"! This is after she put on some boots! :-)
Hey cowgirl! Hadlea was playing with her cowboy hat from Nana! She kept saying, "cute hat, Hadlea!"
I thought Hadlea looked SO cute (and old) in her outfit, and I wanted a picture, but I could NOT get her to stay still... so I handed her a comb which she put in her mouth... whatever it takes!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

family pictures 2011

We had our family pictures taken by Addie Scott Photography. As always, she did an amazing job; however, Hadlea was NOT in the mood! All she wanted to do was chase squirrels around the park! Ha!

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