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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what she's saying wednesday & TLG

I think I said this in my last post, but Hadlea is VERY vocal. I really need to get better at writing down the things she is saying. I really just write about the things I can think of at the moment, but her vocabulary is off the charts. Most of the things she says are bossy... which make me wish she wasn't saying them yet! :) She has no trouble telling us exactly how she feels or what she wants!

  • "Haddie Hussey", "Berk-y Hussey", "Mommy Hussey" and "Daddy Hussey" - Since Hadlea has learned her own name, she now says it all of the time. When Berkley gets in trouble we yell, "Berkley Huskey" (yes, we call him by his last name!). So of course, when Berkley gets in trouble, Ms Bossy Pants has to get onto him to saying, "Berk-y Hussey, No, No!". But now, when she wants Justin and I to do something, she yells at us, "Mommy Hussey, come here.", "Daddy Hussey, no, no." {Have I mentioned lately that she is BOSSY?!}
  • "No sing momma", "No dance momma" - I wondered when the day would come that Hadlea would be embarrassed by my singing and dancing. I really thought I had a few years, but these days, anytime I start dancing or singing with her she yells, "No sing/No dance momma, me sing/dance".
  • "Me no like it", "Me no want it" - Another fateful day... the day she started telling us things she didn't want or like. Just recently she started saying, "Me no like it" or "Me no want it".
  • "No thank you" - She has learned to say no thank you correctly, which about melts my heart. Except when I say, "Let's go take a bath" and she replies with, "No thank you". How do you argue that?! :)

I haven't posted about The Little Gym in a few weeks. Hadlea is STILL loving it...

And this week, Gigi was able to come to town and go with us! Hadlea 'LOVED' to show off for her!

I am about 100% sure I could NOT do this. And I would be lying if I said it takes everything I have not to try it on the high bar right next to her! :-)

1 comment:

Emily said...

No clue how you argue with a "no, thank you" Too cute!! Asher isn't verbal at all. In fact, we're starting speech therapy with him next week - blogging about that soon...

Can't wait until he's saying cute stuff too! :-)

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