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Monday, October 24, 2011

project 365 - week 42

You can find week 41 here!

10 years! We went back to Medford for my 10 year homecoming reunion. We had a cookout with my class. It was a GREAT time! It was so great to look at yearbooks and pictures and reminisce about the past! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!
Serious face! We had a busy weekend in Medford so once we got home we played outside. Hadlea was worn out and was kind of a bear, but swinging can always make her happy... whether she looks it or not! Ha!
Dinner with Nana and Rusty! Justin, Hadlea and I met Nana and Rusty for dinner for my birthday. Hadlea was in a great mood! Even with no nap, she was full of personality!
TLG! Hadlea had another great night at The Little Gym. Although she didn't want to follow directions or play with the other kids, she was still fun to watch! :)
Don Williams. Nana, Justin, Taran, G and I went to Don Williams at the casino. I knew very few songs, but he was great to listen to.
Sick/happy girl?! Hadlea got sent home from daycare yesterday with a fever so she could return for 24 hours. Ry and Hannah were out on fall break so Leslie, Ry and Hannah came to babysit. Hadlea loves having them so much that I don't think you could tell she was even sick!
Leslie and Hannah came back to keep H a second day. Obviously, H was in heaven again!

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