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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

project 365 - week 41

You can find week 40 here!

Showin' cows! Hadlea and I stopped by the fair to watch Riley show his cow. Hadlea loved to pet and talk to the cow, and Riley loved to show her off... the cow and Hadlea! It was so great to see the family before we headed south to Duncan for the funeral.
Viewing. Hadlea was dressed and ready to head to Grandad's viewing. I had planned for her to wear a church dress, but this outfit was just too cute to take off!
Funeral. Our dear Grandad was laid to rest with an amazing service. So thankful for the years with him!
Boots! I had to day off after the funeral so Hadlea stayed home. We went to run some errands, and she wanted to wear her boots! I thought she looked so big!
My 30th! Uncle Alan, Aunt Amanda and the Roumbanis family came over for a last minute cookout for my 30th birthday.
October 13: No Picture! :-( Busy day of work, packing and getting the boat winterized!

Juicy! Justin, Hadlea and I went to Medford for Homecoming. Hadlea wore her very first Juicy outfit from Aunt Amanda!

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Erin said...

her and her boots are soo cute :) wow I have a lot to catch up on!

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