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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

pinterest completion #1 & a snake

I thought once I caved and joined Pinterest that I would mainly be pinning clothes or playroom ideas for Little Miss... however, those darn recipes keep popping up everywhere! They just look so darn good!

I pinned this Taco Cornbread Casserole a couple weeks ago, HERE. I have to admit, I did it selfishly. I LOVE Mexican food... or anything taco related. My husband, not so much. But he does love cornbread. So I thought, PERFECT, I can get my taco fix and he can have his cornbread!
It was delicious! I am not a big beans fan, so I left them out, but everything else was perfect! Hadlea even LOVED it! I would definitely recommend trying! {and for you non-pinners, (first, get with it and get an account. we can never have too many addictions! ha!) just click on the link above and then click on the picture. It will take you to the recipe.}

And for those of you with weak stomachs or have that tasty picture above in your mind and do not want to ruin it... STOP READING NOW!

Okay, you have been warned!

Last night after we did a little spring cleaning in the garage, I went to put H in the bath and Justin ran to put some stuff in the boat. He came running in the house, COMPLETELY out of breath and said something really fast. All I got was snake. If you know one thing about my husband, you will know that he is DEATHLY afraid of snakes. My 6'4" 230+ lb husband, is DEATHLY afraid of snakes! That guy is nuts... needless to say, he calls a neighbor to come hunt the snake down and kill it. It had crawled under our deep freeze so our neighbor had to pull him out with an old fishing pole.

While the guys were doing that, I was showing pictures of snakes to Hadlea on the Internet. We got in alot of hissing... She thought the snake was very funny! Her daddy... not so much! Ha!

But we, or I guess our neighbor, got him! And that is all that matters. Although, Justin wouldn't let the dog go outside the rest of the night because he was afraid there are more... I hate to tell him, but I am sure there are! :-)

And this pictures makes him look alot larger... he was about two feet long and probably the size of my finger around. But still a snake. Still VERY creepy!
I will spare you the video I took of him still moving and opening and closing his mouth while being headless. No idea why I find that so fascinating! But I do...

Now... go make that recipe! :-)

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