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Thursday, October 13, 2011

one little monkey...

jumping swinging on the bed drawer!?

As I walked into my kitchen the other night, this is what I seen! I about had a heart attack! I started to yell, but then thought I might startle her and make her fall! So I waited until she was done, told her she shouldn't do that because she could get hurt, and then said, do it one last time so I can take your picture!

And don't judge, I wouldn't be a good mother/blogger without getting this on film! Ha!
Thank so much for all of your comments, texts, emails, etc. about my Grandad. No doubt he is in a much better place than the rest of us! We have had so much going on lately and a busy few weekends coming up! Cannot wait to share... Oh, and someone {maybe me} turned the big 3-0! I cannot wait to share what I received!


Emily said...

Ohmyword...she's so agile! Too funny!! Agreed: you had to get photos! Haha

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

I am dying over this picture! That is hilarious. She is such a little dare devil. And I love that you told her not do to it but then made her do it one more time for a picture! haha

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