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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

my day as a stay-at-home mom

The Parents As Teachers  program that Hadlea belongs to has started doing monthly play dates. This month they were going to the pumpkin patch. It happened to be the same one that we went to last weekend with Gigi, but I thought she would love to go with other kids (or 'babies' as she calls them!).

I took a vacation day and we headed out... first off, getting a wagon! {Funny story about her outfit. When we bought the shirt, I thought it was red and white striped. I planned on her wearing her little red flats. We were running late this morning so thankfully I already new what she was wearing. I dressed her and we headed out the door. It wasn't until we were at our chiropractor appointment that I noticed the shirt was pink and white striped and NOT red! #proudmommamoment. Thankfully no one seemed to notice... or care enough to bring it up! ha!}

And next was picking out the perfect pumpkin. I asked her if she wanted to pick one for daddy. Her answer, "No. Berk-y".

Except she wanted Berk-y to have a little pumpkin.

Then it was back over to feed all of the 'babies'.

Oh if these little guys didn't get any bigger, I would be taking them home! They were precious!
After the pumpkin patch, we headed home for a little rest. Hadlea was acting very tired and like she had a little stomach ache. She hadn't had breakfast so I thought maybe she was just hungry.

For lunch, we headed to CFA to meet Allison/Finley and Emily/Cate. The girls were definitely more interested in playing than eating. They were so fun to watch! Hadlea is acting more and more like she wants to start potty training. Every once in a while when she pottys in her diaper, she FREAKS and has to be changed immediately. And of course it happened TWICE while at CFA! Oh... I am not ready for the potty trainings days, but I am ready for no diapers! :-)

I had planned to take H to the zoo after lunch, but she still seemed to be tired, so we headed home and she took an almost 2 hour nap. Once she was up, we spent the afternoon playing... babies, play dough, outside.

I could definitely get used to staying at home with her everyday, however, she is SO busy and completely wears me out! It is 9PM and I am exhausted and heading to bed after typing this. I 'normally' do not go to bed until close to midnight! No idea how some of you stay-at-home moms do it with busy kiddos!

Once daddy got home, we played outside, cooked dinner, did bath time and then H was already ready for bed... it was about 745PM. I guess I wore her out too! Ha!

I am so thankful for days like today. Just me and my baby girl. I definitely wished it could happen more often!

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katie@tulsadetails said...

Her little outfit is so cute. And pink and red are in the same family, so it totally went together! So fun that the girls all got to play!!

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