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Sunday, October 02, 2011

a great weekend & a birthday

We had an AWESOME weekend!
Gigi was in town. 'Nough said for Ms H! :-)

We hit the pumkin patch...
 got to see my bff from college friend...
and played all afternoon outside with Hadlea and daddy!
Weekends don't get much better! Only drawl back, a trip to the dr for H. More on all of the details later!

But we cannot end the day without saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the greatest women in our lives! Gigi turns the big 6-0 today! Yes, SIXTY! And so many of my friends have mentioned that she DOES NOT look 60... which I have to agree!

Gigi got to spend her birthday weekend with Hadlea, her one request! Ha!

Gigi, we love you more than words can express. You are the most selfless person, which I am positive I have wrote in many other posts. You are constantly looking for ways to make others happy, other than doing things to make yourself happy! We look up to you in so many ways! Thanks for always being there anytime we call! We love you so much!

1 comment:

Emily said...

love love love her kissy face on the swing!! Great pumpkin picture too :-)

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