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Friday, October 28, 2011

dinner and concert

Nana and Rusty took us to dinner a week or so ago for my birthday. Hadlea wore a new dress and, of course, I thought she looked SO cute!
Even with no nap that day, she was in a GREAT mood and FULL of personality! She talked non-stop at dinner!
A couple days later, Justin and I went to a concert with Nana and our friends G and Taran. Rusty was supposed to go, but he came down sick the day of. Hadlea stayed at home with Alan and Amanda.
We went to see Don Williams, an older country music singer. When Justin told me he was coming to town, I was like, OK?! I guess his Grandma, Mom and Dad were big fans. But after hearing him, I totally remembered some of his songs. Well... I knew like 4 of them...

1 comment:

katie@tulsadetails said...

She is just so cute! Love the pigtails!!! Adorable! How was your birthday party???!

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