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Sunday, October 30, 2011

celebrating my 30s

So many warned me about turning 30 that I started to be unsure on exactly how I would feel. Age has never bothered me before, after all, I barely feel mature enough, remember!? :-)

But if these last few months are any indication on how my 30s will be, I wish I would have turned 30 long ago! 
  • My baby girl is at the funnest stage of her life! I know I say that with every stage, but she is just so funny these days... and definitely makes each day better and better!
  • I was gifted with 2 LVs, enough money to buy my Dallas Cowboy tickets (which I decided against), and a new car.
  • I received the best phone calls, text, emails, cards and fb messages from friends, old and new... enough to make you feel extra special!
  • I got to go back to homecoming, see my family, see tons of old high school friends and reminisce about the past! Definitely brought back ALOT of great memories!
  • And if all that wasn't enough, the best friends and family ever had a party to celebrate my day! My hubby, bff, Shannan, and SIL, Amanda, threw the greatest party ever...
Tons of friends and family showed up to celebrate. We all met at El Guapos for a Mexican dinner! My fav... they know me too well!
Shannan . Amanda . Becca/Jessica (sisters) . Mikki/Cat
SIL-Amanda/brother-Alan . Stephanie . SIL-Leslie . Mark/Deanna
BIL? :) My SILs brother-Josh or Uncle Joshie . brother-Jake . Jake/Nathan
After dinner, we headed to the Dust Bowl. It is an adult bowling alley. We rented out our own room, which had two lanes and a projection screen to watch the football games! PERFECT! I was a little unsure about bowling, but it ended up being so much fun! Obviously we are all a very competitive group!

The cake table decorations! Super cute!
Bowling! Baby brother and I . Cousins Shawna and Tyler
Top pics: Me . Jake. Joshie . Cat   {little bitty Cat killed us all in bowling!}
Bottom pics: Amanda and then Alan grabbing Shannan's ball as she went to throw it. :)
The gang!
After bowling, we headed to the Treehouse, which ended up being really strange! So then it was on to Pink to dance! I definitely think this ended up being the funnest part of the night! Funny, funny times!

And a special thanks to my SIL and BIL for being the Pembrook taxi service! My sweet SIL was our DD and bussed us anywhere we wanted to go! Thanks Les! We love you!
The party was definitely one for the record books! I know so many other family and friends wanted to be there, but it just didn't work out for everyone! I am so thankful to all that came and all that wanted to be there! Thanks for the great memories! I am ready for a redo! :-)


Jessica said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! Happy Birthday!

katie@tulsadetails said...

What a blast!! Wish I could have been there!! Happy 30th!!

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