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Friday, October 14, 2011

a birthday to remember...

It happened. I turned 30. THIRTY. 30 years old! It still sounds VERY old... but yet, I don't feel a day over 25. Okay, so today I feel about 35 because I didn't get much sleep last night, but on a good day, I don't feel over 25! And if you remember THIS post, you know I do not feel mature enough to be 30. So... I can definitely say there were no melt downs, break downs or anything on my birthday! It was the perfect day!

It started with phone calls before 7AM... which I silenced and then turned my phone to silent because after all, it was MY birthday, and I was sleeping in! Ha! I received TONS of cards, calls, texts and facebook messages... 146 facebook messages to be exact! Great friends and family always know exactly what to say to make you feel so good!

That evening Alan and Amanda were coming over and then Fred and Julie called and said they were coming over, so we just did a last minute cookout. It was a great evening with great friends/family.

Hadlea got in some Uncle Alan playtime, and I am hoping Aunt Amanda got baby fever! Ha!
Baby Avery was THE BEST baby! He slept the entire time other than to eat once. I definitely loved to snuggle him and send him home! :-) Definitely no baby fever here!

And on to my amazing gifts... I swear, my family has to be THE MOST thoughtful people in this world. And if you remember THIS post again, you will remember I asked for two things. A LV bag and Dallas Cowboys tickets.

I definitely think I should make lists and/or posts for every birthday/holiday! Because they delivered!

For my Anniversary/Birthday, Justin got me the LV Neverfull. It is large and more like a tote, which is perfect for having Hadlea! I have pretty much started carrying it as her diaper bag. Since she eats off the menu when we go out, all she really needs is diapers/wipes. It is perfect!

For my Birthday, my brothers and SIL got me the LV Pochette. I have borrowed my SILs to go on vacation before as it fits my wallet, phone and camera perfectly.

And as for the Cowboys tickets, I actually received the money for them from my other family, however, I chose to be responsible and use the money for clothes. I REALLY need clothes. I only have one pair of jeans that I can ware since I have lost so much weight after being pregnant. It is definitely nothing to complain about other than everything looks so big! So... off on a shopping spree I will go and forgo seeing my beloved Cowboys. I know my day will come soon enough though!

I cannot forget to mention probably my biggest present. If you read THIS post about my parents trading my car and me buying theirs, then you probably already know. They just made me an offer that I couldn't pass up!

This was definitely one of my greatest birthdays to date. I know it is not always about the material things you receive, but this does show me how much my family cares about me, and they will never know how much I appreciate them and their thoughtfulness. But I can say it was very nice to be completely spoiled for a day! :-)


Emily said...

Happy birthday!! How am I not your FB friend yet? That's how I keep track of everyone's special days. :-)

So glad it was a great one for you!

Ashlie said...

Happy happy birthday!!! I turn 30 on Tuesday. I feel way too immature to be 30...

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