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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what she's saying wednesday & no TLG

Since I have started doing these posts on what Hadlea is saying, it has amazed me on how far her vocabulary has came in only a few weeks. She says new stuff almost every single week... which I am sure it is super normal, but it makes me one proud momma... and definitely provides great entertainment around our house!
  • "What" - When we were in Duncan for my Granny's bday, Anna yelled, "Hadlea?" and Hadlea yelled back, "What?". They were in two different rooms. Gigi and I happened to be in the same room with Hadlea and fell over laughing at Hadlea's response. I had never heard her answer someone with "What". It was a super funny moment!
  • "Mom" - Hadlea has started calling me Mom. It is a lovely name... for maybe a teenage to call their mom, but for my one year old, I would prefer "momma" or "mommy". Since being back from Duncan, I hollered Hadlea's name and her answer, "What, Mom?" Geesh... I think I am getting a glimpse of the teenage years! Ha!
  • "Me play" - Hadlea has been using the word "play" alot... "Me play you", "Me outside play", etc. I guess he just LOVES to play!
  • "Me wet" - I think potty training is in our very near future. Hadlea is starting to tell us right after she goes 'pee-pee' in her diaper. She will sometimes say, "Me pee-pee", but usually it is, "Me wet". She will also tell us, "Me poo-poo" or "Me toot". All very good, but we do sometimes get them mixed up! Ha! I think I need one long weekend at home with her and she would be potty trained. Too bad our next full weekend at home isn't until like November!
We didn't get to go to The Little Gym last night. I think I was more upset than anyone. Hadlea came home from daycare looking like this...
A big ol' fat lip! She had scrapes on her shoulder and leg too. I guess she was running on the playground and tripped over a toy car. Obviously the car won! Ha! j/k. They said she seemed fine with it and didn't cry long. Poor girl... I wish they would have called me when it happened. I know momma would have made it feel better instantly! :-)

After dinner, a walk {which she fell again and hit her face, only no more damage} and a bath, she was super happy and wanted her picture taken with her bubba! She got in the chair and started yelling, "Bubba. Berk-y, Bubba, Come. Sit." {She calls him bubba, Berk, Berk-y and B}. And by no means is Berkley about to run and jump in a chair with that wild monkey. So I put him in the chair and she immediately went to "cheesing"!

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Emily said...

A fat lip! Oh no! I love that she's smiling anyway - so sweet.

I got Asher the boy version of H's skeleton PJs and they scared him to death. He was fine going to bed, but woke up around midnight screaming. I was concerned that the glowing might freak him out and it did. I changed him into regular PJs and he slept fine. We just play in them now!

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