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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

what she's saying wednesday at 21 months +some

**Sorry! This post ended up being longer than I had planned! Ha!

Here is a little "What she's saying Wednesday" with some pictures from the week...
  • "Momma, come. Momma, come here" - One morning Hadlea was up before I went in to get her and this is what I heard over the monitor!
  • "Star" - While we were watching the Dallas game one night, Hadlea pointed at their helmet and said, "Star". I knew she was learning shapes, but I had never heard her point one out! Proud momma moment!
  • "Lay down", "Roll over" - When daddy and I play babies with her, you have to lay on your stomach on her pillow and she will cover you up. She always used to say "lay down" which meant lay down, but would continue to say it until you rolled over. Now she has learned "roll over"... makes us feel like a dog! Ha!
{Hadlea heading to daycare supporting our Cowboys in Monday Night Football!}

  • "Airplane", "Bird", "motorcycle" - She is obsessed with Airplanes and birds. We have to go outside and watch for them. If she hears anything at all, it is 1 of 3 things... "airplane", "bird" or a "motorcycle".
  • "I love you" - She has said "I love you too" for a while, but she is finally only saying "I love you" and dropping the "too". For some reason this makes her sound older!
  • "Haddie", "Me" - When you ask her what her name is, she says, "Me". After asking about 10 times, she will finally say, "Haddie". We work on the 'L', but so far it is just "Haddie"!
{The Little Gym fun on Tuesday night!}
  • "I found it" - Hadlea was looking for her rain boots one night and said, "I found it". She normally says 'Me" so I was impressed she used "I"!
  • "Good Job, Daddy!" - Daddy, H and I were playing with play dough. Daddy made something with the play dough and she said, "Good Job, Daddy!". It gave us a great laugh!
{LOVING the RuffleButt pants!}

We call her motormouth on a regular basis. She is ALWAYS talking, jabbering, singing. And if you interrupt her, she normally tells you, "No. Stop. Me". Which I guess means she was talking! ...Excuuuuse me!

Just in the last couple of weeks, she has started to 'sound' older. She is now calling animals by their name and not their sound (cow, horse, kitty cat, etc.) She is also using Please, Thank you and Sorry correctly. It always used to be Please for everything. She is also pointing out objects and naming them. (green grass, purple tree... which the tree might not really be purple, but she is trying and atleast she knows it is a tree, ha!)

Everything is Gross or Ewwww... even her food if she thinks it looks strange!

Everything is Me or Mize (Me sit chair. Me sit you (which means you sit with me). Me rock you (which means you rock me). Mize chair. Mize baby. (Mize pretty much means she thinks it is hers and if you touch it she is going to scream.... which we touch anyway... which leads to crying... which leads to a sharing discussion... it is a never ending circle)

Hadlea is so independent. I really wish their were words to express how independent she really is. She loves to do everything herself or help with anything we are doing... laundry, dishes, etc. I know it can take 10x longer to do stuff, but I am so thankful she is becoming her own person. I just hope her daddy and I can find that balance between teaching her to be independent but not becoming bossy/bratty! :)

{Daycare on Wednesday... She wanted to wear her rain boots!}

Hadlea is the most perfect thing I have ever experienced. Being a mom has definitely made me humble in so many ways. I actually just explained to a friend that just found out they were expecting how your perspective on life changes after a baby. I sometimes think back to things I did or said in the past that might have hurt someone. I wish I could go and take it back. I never want to hurt any one's feeling ever again. And not for me... for Hadlea. I never want anyone to hurt her feelings. I know that is NOT reality and someone will definitely hurt her feelings at some point, but it just makes me so sad to think about that day coming. I wish I could make her life perfect and for her to never experience pain. I know that is not reality too.
I pray everyday that God makes me the best mother I can possible me. I want her to have THE.BEST.LIFE, just as I have had. I am so thankful for everything I have been able to experience in life. I just pray I will always be able to fulfill her dreams while teaching her to love others, be respectful and never to take things for granted.

{Hadlea had to create a poster at home with pictures of things she loves...
here is our finished product! We had a border, but I cropped it.}

And since we are on the subject of 'talking', I have said before how Justin and I have the strangest, yet funniest conversations. Here is one from today...
I seriously do not make him call me princess... regularly! Ha!

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Emily said...

Ok OMG! I just git back from Vaca and noticed that you aren't private anymore!! Can I just tell you how excited that I am!! I have missed reading all about yall!! : )

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