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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

weekly TLG...

Like I said in last weeks post HERE, I will probably start doing a weekly Little Gym post. Hadlea is like an un-caged wild tiger when we let her loose in that room! SHE.IS.WILD! I am so thankful we put her in!

Walking the balance beams with daddy... {difference between mommy and daddy... mommy makes her do it alone... daddy has a death grip on her arm! ha!}
This week her favorite parts were the balls and bubbles. She seemed to have the most fun in those areas. The two outside pictures below just crack me up! Reaching for bubbles and closing her mouth and eyes and letting the bubbles hit her face! She would squeal so loud! And of course the one of her kicking the ball is blurring... as most of them are because she is ALWAYS full speed!
We have to watch Hadlea's every move because you NEVER know what she will do next... like trying to lick the bubbles off of the mat... where everyone walks, runs, jumps, etc... with their bare feet! OMGeee I screamed at Justin to grab her! Thankfully he got to her before she ate them... this picture still makes me cringe! GROSS!
One thing I am loving is seeing her become more and more brave with each class! She will still doing great on the bars!

1 comment:

Emily said...

ha ha - love the "getting ready to lick" photo! Kids do the GROSSEST stuff. On Sunday I found Asher in the bathroom painting the walls with toilet water and his hands.

As you said, OMGeee!!!! gag.

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