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Thursday, September 15, 2011

turning cold & losing my mind

This is how I dressed Hadlea for school on Tuesday and Wednesday.
tank and skirt  /  jacket and pants
 And this is why...
We go from 100 degrees one afternoon to a morning low of 56... and actually, I think it was like in the high 40s Wednesday morning.

Last night daddy had to make a Bass Pro run for his fishing tournament this weekend, so H and I tagged along. We went to dinner and watched the ducks. She is always so sweet to wave her little heart out saying, "Hi! Babies", and telling them how cute they are!
Bass Pro was having a clearance on some Columbia workout gear, so I went to try some on in the dressing room when I came across this...
...two DIFFERENT flip-flops! Geesh... I am truly losing my mind. I still wonder why no one warns you that pregnancy brain never goes away. Maybe those with kids forgot they had a brain before! Ha! I wonder daily if I ever really had one...

1 comment:

Emily said...

It's completely like that here today. Yesterday we went to the park in shorts/t-shirts and today it's jeans and jackets. Yay fall!

Two different shoes - ha ha ha!!!

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