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Friday, September 16, 2011

ready for the weekend...

Last night Nana came over to watch Hadlea while I went to the gym... daddy went fishing, where else?!

Nana always brings fun gifts. She brought Hadlea guns and a hat. Hadlea was wanting a water gun and a hat at Bass Pro the other night, and her awful parents wouldn't buy them... but good ol' Nana will deliver! :)

We had a great time playing before bed last night. Hadlea thinks shooting you should be more like hitting you with the gun, so I got whacked several times without a notice! And I guess she thought the hat looked better on me because she kept telling me, "here momma. cute momma. cute hat momma".
She is getting so fun!

Tonight, Hadlea and I are headed home... to Medford. To my parents. Where I grew up. CANNOT WAIT to see family and ol' friends, have a few beers and watch football! We also have a personal shower and a wedding shower for my cousin, Emily, who gets married in November. Justin has his second to last tournament this weekend. This one pays with a few zero's! Say lots of prayers!! :-)

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