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Saturday, September 10, 2011

project 365 - week 36

You can find week 35 here!

Labor Day Weekend! Hadlea and I drove to OKC to visit the Justice family while they were in town at Shannan's mom's house. Hadlea got in some quality time with KK and B!
Girls Night Out! While the babies stayed with their Grammy/Gigi, Shannan and I had a girls night with some friends... dinner and drinks! It was a super fun night of catching up with old friends!
OKC Zoo! Hadlea, Gigi and I met Jimmy, Jessica and Jestyn at the zoo on Labor Day! It was crowded and hot, so we left and headed to lunch! It was so good to finally see Jestyn... who is so beautiful and a great baby!
ENT. Hadlea had an appointment at the ENT to have her ears checked. No damage from previous ear infections, PTL, but we will continue to watch her ears in hopes we can stay on top of the ear infections and avoid tubes.
School day! Hadlea decided she needed to take her Dora backpack to school! I thought she looked so old and cute carrying her backpack!
September 8, 2011: No Picture :-( - Daddy had a fishing tournament so Hadlea and I played at home. Stephanie came over for a visit and we watched OSU play Arizona.

Fat guys! Daddy, Hadlea and I met the Goff's for dinner at Fat Guys Hamburgers. The burgers were SO good! We will definitely be visiting again soon! And thankfully you can sit outside so the babies got to run around and play while we ate! ....anything to get a relaxing and less stressful dinner! Hadlea ate once we got home! Ha!

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