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Saturday, September 03, 2011

project 365 - week 35

You can find week 34 here!

Boat races! H, daddy and I went to watch daddys' friend, G, races his flat bottom boat! Since it was outside, and Hadlea could run and play as she wanted, she was perfect! She even loved showing off my putting on her sunglasses and waving at people!
Big girl chair! Hadlea is over her high chair. She goes crazy if we try to put her tray on. She points to the table and says, "sit" for us to put her plate on the table. Bossy little thing, she is!
Cheese lover! Hadlea loves to sit and eat a snack in the door of the refrigerator. Drives her daddy crazy! But momma... anything to keep her in one spot for more than 2 minutes! This makes getting dinner ready alot easier! Ha! {and don't mind the big tails with one bow. I send her with a ponytail to school with a bow and she always comes home with big tails. I love the pig tails, but the one bow makes me crazy!}
TLG! Our week night at The Little Gym is becoming our favorite night! Hadlea loves it so much! She has learned to hang on the low bar and kick her feet up! She thinks it is so funny! ...and she kind of looks like a monkey!
New car! We bought Gigi and Poppa's old car, and they traded in my car! We weren't looking for a car, but you can never pass up the deals that Poppa throws around! Hadlea loved the extra room and climbing all over the seats!
Water fun! I figured since the hot days are moving out that we better spend some time with the water table! Hadlea loves to play in it, but hates to have her clothes wet. She says, "no slash, clothes wet". So the clothes have to come off...
Rain boots! Hadlea, daddy and I were going out to eat and she 'insisted' on wearing her rain boots! There are just battles with an 'almost' 2 year old you do not choose to fight! So... rain boots it was! And she received TONS of comments on her boots! She was proud!

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