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Thursday, September 08, 2011

labor day weekend 2011

Labor Day Weekend was busy, but Hadlea and I had a great time!

We started the weekend out by having dinner with daddy at a Mexican food restaurant on Friday. YUM! And someone insisted on wearing her rain boots! We obviously choose our battles around our house! She did get alot of comments on how adorable her boots were! ...she was proud!
Saturday morning, daddy left to fish for 3 days. He was asked to show some professional fisherman some lakes around our area... and you can bet he was NOT turning that down! Ha!
Once H and I were up and ready, we headed to Oklahoma City to see our girls... Shannan, KK and B!

Hadlea and I were going to visit and stay at Shannan's mom's house. Once we got there, we loaded in the car and went for lunch. The girls are so amazing with Hadlea. They loved cuddling around her and watching her movie with her while Shannan and her mom bought groceries. Hadlea loved the extra attention!
After lunch and some play time, we went to Shannan's aunts to swim! Hadlea swam most of the evening with her Aunt Shan!
Happy girl with her Godmother!
Sunday morning, Hadlea and I headed to meet Gigi for lunch, shopping and then to the motel where they were going to stay! I think we need to get Hadlea a table fast... she LOVED sitting at the desk!
The motel had a pool with fountains, slides and things for the kids to play on. Gigi is always great to jump right in with H!
After swimming, Gigi and Hadlea got dressed up to go out in bricktown! I guess she needed lipstick! :-)
They end up going to a baseball game that was going on downtown. Hadlea met a friend!
And what is a baseball game without popcorn and lots of snacks!?
 They also took a boat ride through the canal!
And then it was back the motel for bed! No doubt Gigi and H had a great evening!
When Gigi and H left to go to the game and eat dinner, I headed out to meet some girls for dinner and drinks!
Shannan and I
Sarah and I
Ashley and I
Jenn and I
It was a great evening. Shannan's friend Rashay was also there, but I didn't get a picture with her!

I ended up staying the night again at Shannan's mom's and then got up Monday morning to head to the zoo! Gigi, Hadlea and I met my friend from high school, Jessica, her baby girl, Jestyn Reese, and her hubby Jimmy! I CANNOT even begin to explain to you how busy the zoo was! It was beyond crazy! I think we seen the petting zoo, some birds, the baby elephant and some sea lions in 2.5 hours! That is all we seen... so we left and headed to lunch! Here are a few pictures from the day...

Gigi and H in the petting zoo
H and I feeding the birds
Which she obviously HATED! Ha!
After feeding this bird, I tried to get another one on my finger. It bit me. It didn't even hurt, but I jumped and yelled, "It bit me!". After that, Hadlea was SCARED TO DEATH of every animal. Everything we passed she yelled, "no bite me!". I thought I was going to lose my mind! Ha! Even Elmo and Berkley have been told "no bite me. ouch!" since we got home.

Hadlea did love watching the sea lions swim!
This little guy was pretty entertaining!
I am pretty sure half of the USA was at the zoo to see the new baby elephant! ...and although there was a line, he didn't fail! He was SO precious!
Jessica and I with our babies! {And don't judge our sweaty-ness after a long day with half of the USA! :) }
After the zoo, we grabbed lunch and headed home. Justin and Berkley met us at the door! Hadlea was SO glad to see her daddy and was attached to his hip!

Later that evening, we went to Alan and Amanda's for a going away part for Amanda's brother, Josh. He is moving to Las Vegas for work. We will definitely be sad to see him go, but thankful he has a new opportunity! Good Luck Uncle Joshie! We will miss you!


Jessica said...

Aw! Cute-ish picture of us! Minus the sweatiness, the insistence on the bottle, and H doesn't look too sure about baby still! We still had so much fun!

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

SO I'm pretty sure we were at the Zoo that day! Along with everyone else in OKC! Wasn't it packed?

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