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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

hadlea at 21 months

I had planned to write this post at 21 months, but I also wanted to take new pics... I guess both of these have waited long enough... so here is Hadlea at 21 months and 2+ weeks! :-)

 She is weighing around 23 lbs.

She is wearing a size 3 diaper, size 6 shoe and size 18-24 or 24 month clothes. (She can wear 12 month skirts and shorts, but pants really need to be 24 months due to length.)

She LOVES shoes. Momma's, daddy's or whoevers she can get her feet into!

She is into dressing herself. It can get wild!

She is ready to be potty trained. She is telling us right after she goes... both 1 and 2. She no longer likes to be wet or dirty. We definitely need a few good days at home to potty train!

She goes to bed around 8-830PM and wakes up around 8-830AM.

She is the pickiest eater. Uggg... makes momma crazy!

Her favorite shows are Blues Clues and Barney. She LOVES to sing Barney. "I 'ov you, I 'ov you"

She will dance to anything!

She is starting to sing along to songs and sometimes makes up her own... or maybe she is singing something and we just haven't figured it out yet! :-)

She talks NON-STOP! If you do not answer or acknowledge, she says, "huh. huh, momma?" and then will repeat herself. It is better to answer or acknowledge the first time! Ha!

She is starting to 'play' with her babies... tea parties, having them go on walks, do their hair, change their clothes, put on diapers, etc. She will put one in the stroller or shopping cart and tell us, "bye-bye" like she is leaving. Her imagination grows more and more everyday!

She still has her paci. {Do they have paci rehab?!}

She is coming around to having her teeth brushed. I guess after a good 1+ year of brushing them, she is finally coming around! Ha!

She is learning her colors and shapes.
 and incase you were wondering what we bribed her with... smarties!


Drew said...

Love, love all of these photos! Her little pink cowboy boots are TOO precious.

Drew said...

Oops, Drew was still signed into google - this is Emily {Asher's mom} ha!

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

these pictures are so cute! Get ready to have your comments blown up as I catch up! :)

Emily Weinzapfel said...

She is precious!! I love all of the photos! :)

Jenn said...

She is so photogenic! I love it!!

And I love your new layout!! :)

Paige said...

Ah, she is so beautiful!! Those entire outfit is more than precious!!

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