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Friday, September 09, 2011


Hadlea has had 5 ear infections so far this year. Our doctor recommended we go see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Dr. Our appointment was on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Hadlea wore some new clothes. I heart her in skinny jeans!
Cheese!  ...silly girl!
{and notice we still go nowhere without a baby and a blanket... and she LOVES her shirt. She calls it bubba. love her.}
Thankfully, Hadlea has no damage from past ear infections. PTL! Her hearing is great.... which means, it is all in our hands on what we decide. Our options are to do nothing, put in tubes or put in tubes and take out adenoids. I told Justin before we went that I would cry my eyes out if they said tubes. I know kids get them all of the time, but when it is YOUR child, it is just a different story. But now that we are left with options, I wish they would have TOLD us what do to! Have I mentioned how much I really DISLIKE the responsibility of being a parent sometimes?! Yep, it can suck! So... I think we have decided to do nothing right now. Seems like the easiest, huh?! We are still taking her to the chiropractor. We have talked with Dr Klugh about what we can do and keeping on top of her ears going forward. However, Aunt Amanda (aka Dr Kilian) can vouch on what a crappy patient I am and how I should really do a better job on staying on top of stuff... and I am hoping this time we will, which will avoid getting tubes!

I have prayed and prayed about her ears. I know at some point the answer will be clear on what we need to do. Until then, we will make the best decision as her parents.

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