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Friday, September 02, 2011

are. you. ready?!

So this weekend begins the long anticipated arrival of football season! I LOVE football. And after all of these years, I would still have to say 8 man football (yes, I come from a VERY small town/school) is still my most absolute favorite! I think it's the traditions... the fact that every.single.person is rooting for their team. Being that our town was small, and surrounded with other very small towns, the rivalry's were THE BEST!

Tonight, high school opens and tomorrow college! We are taking Hadlea to the high school game where we live. I know she will NOT care one single bit, but I pray (really, I do) that she will share the same love for the game that I do.... because her daddy, he doesn't! And it sometimes SUCKS! :-)

Tomorrow, two of my favorite college teams play. Oklahoma University and Tulsa University. My feeling are always mixed when these two play. Obviously, TU is always the underdog, and nothing really beats a good upset... but, OU needs a good record! Hmmm... may the team that plays the best, win! ...I will leave it at that!
And although the NFL doesn't start this weekend, I cannot leave out my beloved 'Boys!
Cowboys... I am NOT asking you to win the Superbowl, but I would LOVE a good year!

And as much as I would love to start my weekend off watching some college football in person, H and I are off to spend it with our very best friends, the Justice's. We have alot of fun things lined out and maybe an adult night out! It will be a great weekend, no doubt!

Last night, Hadlea and I played outside while daddy fished. We are starting to lose our 100+ days, so I thought we needed to pull out the water table a few last times. She loves to play in the water...
...but she cannot do it with clothes on! She says, "no splash, clothes wet". And then off they come!
 LOVE her eyes!
{they are mine, yet her daddy's... amazing!}
Before going outside, we spent some time playing with babies{surprise!}. Hadlea is still playing in her cradle. She loves to get in and put her babies night, night. However, when she crawls in, she sometimes gets stuck. She will yell, "I SUCK ME". And yes, you read that right. That is what she says when she is either stuck or just playing like she is stuck! I wish I was only kidding, but "I SUCK ME" it is... and here is proof! {and we tell Berkley everyday that he is our best friend. although, she wouldn't say it. he really is our very best friend!}

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katie@tulsadetails said...

That is so funny that you like football more than your husband. It is quite the opposite over here! :) Hadlea just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

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