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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

80 years young...

This past weekend, daddy, Hadlea, Uncle Alan and I hit the road down south to celebrate our Granny's (mom's mom) 80th birthday! {Auntie A had a work conference so she couldn't make it... I am sure after hearing from Uncle Alan how whiny H was on the way down, she was glad she didn't have to make the ride! Ha!}

I tried everything possible to keep Hadlea busy.... watching Blues Clues, playing babies, coloring, etc. It was still a VERY long ride. And even though it is only 3 hours, we had to stop twice! {I despise making stops on road trips.... which makes me NOT a fan of traveling with kiddos! :-) }
Once we got into down, we dropped Berkley off at Granny's and then headed to the nursing home to visit Grandad. The visit was hard. Something I had been dreading for a while, but I am so glad I got to see him. It makes me so thankful for the years I had with him. He has and always will one of the most special people in my life... as will my Granny. All we can do at this point is pray for comfort... and pray that my Granny continues to stay strong as she sits beside him every. single. day!

Once we left the nursing home, we headed to the pool where we met up with my cousin Michele, her husband, Aaron, and their kiddos, Anna, Harvey and Zac. The kids had so much fun swimming!
That evening we went out to eat Mexican food to celebrate Granny's 80th birthday! Not many people get to meet their great-grandparents, so every event we get to have with my grandparents is very special to me after having Hadlea!
Granny and her grandkids and greats!
Hadlea and Harvey wanted to wear the hat too!
our family... only missing Amanda Mae!
Then it was home for cake and presents!
 Alan & Anna
Sunday morning, we all got dressed for church! My baby girl and I! {and now sure how, but Justin didn't make it in one single picture before church! and I know he is fine with that!}
 Granny, Hadlea and I
Gigi, Hadlea and Granny
{funny story... Granny was always granny to us growing up. Once Michele had kids and Granny was now a great-granny, we started calling her Gigi. Michele's kids call her Gigi. My mom was going to be called Grammie, but Hadlea said it as Gigi so that is now what she is called. Hadlea gets so confused around my mom being called Gigi and Granny being called Gigi that we now call my Granny, Granny again. Confusing to say the least...}
 Gigi, Had, Berkey and I
{Hadlea wanted Berkley in the picture and she was just SO proud... too bad she shut her eyes!}
 Gigi and Hadlea
 'tisses' for Uncle Alan
 Gigi, H and Uncle Alan
 The greats after church. Harvey, Hadlea, Anna and Zac
 the greats with Granny/Gigi :-)
 Michele and I
Hadlea wearing her Dallas dress for the first time! I just LOVE it...
 My babies were WORN out on the way home... and slept the entire 3 hours!
We had a wonderful weekend! There is nothing better than a loving family that you LOVE to spend time with! Everyone is so funny and always giving someone a hard time. I guarantee you there are not 5 serious things said when we are all together. I wish we all weren't spread over 3 states so we could get together more often!
Thanks for a great weekend everyone. Cannot wait for Christmas to meet again! I love you all!

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