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Thursday, September 29, 2011

meeting baby boom

The Roumbanis Family had their second little boy yesterday, Wednesday, September 28. We were able to go visit him today, and it 'ALMOST' gave me baby fever! Ha! He was so sweet and slept the entire time. Hadlea wasn't really into momma holding the baby unless she was in my lap too. She did love to pat Avery and tell him how "cute" he was!

Fred's fishing name is "Boom Boom" so Baby Avery has already been referred to as Baby Boom II.

Avery William  .  8lbs 8 ozs  .  20 3/4 in

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

what she's saying wednesday at 21 months +some

**Sorry! This post ended up being longer than I had planned! Ha!

Here is a little "What she's saying Wednesday" with some pictures from the week...
  • "Momma, come. Momma, come here" - One morning Hadlea was up before I went in to get her and this is what I heard over the monitor!
  • "Star" - While we were watching the Dallas game one night, Hadlea pointed at their helmet and said, "Star". I knew she was learning shapes, but I had never heard her point one out! Proud momma moment!
  • "Lay down", "Roll over" - When daddy and I play babies with her, you have to lay on your stomach on her pillow and she will cover you up. She always used to say "lay down" which meant lay down, but would continue to say it until you rolled over. Now she has learned "roll over"... makes us feel like a dog! Ha!
{Hadlea heading to daycare supporting our Cowboys in Monday Night Football!}

  • "Airplane", "Bird", "motorcycle" - She is obsessed with Airplanes and birds. We have to go outside and watch for them. If she hears anything at all, it is 1 of 3 things... "airplane", "bird" or a "motorcycle".
  • "I love you" - She has said "I love you too" for a while, but she is finally only saying "I love you" and dropping the "too". For some reason this makes her sound older!
  • "Haddie", "Me" - When you ask her what her name is, she says, "Me". After asking about 10 times, she will finally say, "Haddie". We work on the 'L', but so far it is just "Haddie"!
{The Little Gym fun on Tuesday night!}
  • "I found it" - Hadlea was looking for her rain boots one night and said, "I found it". She normally says 'Me" so I was impressed she used "I"!
  • "Good Job, Daddy!" - Daddy, H and I were playing with play dough. Daddy made something with the play dough and she said, "Good Job, Daddy!". It gave us a great laugh!
{LOVING the RuffleButt pants!}

We call her motormouth on a regular basis. She is ALWAYS talking, jabbering, singing. And if you interrupt her, she normally tells you, "No. Stop. Me". Which I guess means she was talking! ...Excuuuuse me!

Just in the last couple of weeks, she has started to 'sound' older. She is now calling animals by their name and not their sound (cow, horse, kitty cat, etc.) She is also using Please, Thank you and Sorry correctly. It always used to be Please for everything. She is also pointing out objects and naming them. (green grass, purple tree... which the tree might not really be purple, but she is trying and atleast she knows it is a tree, ha!)

Everything is Gross or Ewwww... even her food if she thinks it looks strange!

Everything is Me or Mize (Me sit chair. Me sit you (which means you sit with me). Me rock you (which means you rock me). Mize chair. Mize baby. (Mize pretty much means she thinks it is hers and if you touch it she is going to scream.... which we touch anyway... which leads to crying... which leads to a sharing discussion... it is a never ending circle)

Hadlea is so independent. I really wish their were words to express how independent she really is. She loves to do everything herself or help with anything we are doing... laundry, dishes, etc. I know it can take 10x longer to do stuff, but I am so thankful she is becoming her own person. I just hope her daddy and I can find that balance between teaching her to be independent but not becoming bossy/bratty! :)

{Daycare on Wednesday... She wanted to wear her rain boots!}

Hadlea is the most perfect thing I have ever experienced. Being a mom has definitely made me humble in so many ways. I actually just explained to a friend that just found out they were expecting how your perspective on life changes after a baby. I sometimes think back to things I did or said in the past that might have hurt someone. I wish I could go and take it back. I never want to hurt any one's feeling ever again. And not for me... for Hadlea. I never want anyone to hurt her feelings. I know that is NOT reality and someone will definitely hurt her feelings at some point, but it just makes me so sad to think about that day coming. I wish I could make her life perfect and for her to never experience pain. I know that is not reality too.
I pray everyday that God makes me the best mother I can possible me. I want her to have THE.BEST.LIFE, just as I have had. I am so thankful for everything I have been able to experience in life. I just pray I will always be able to fulfill her dreams while teaching her to love others, be respectful and never to take things for granted.

{Hadlea had to create a poster at home with pictures of things she loves...
here is our finished product! We had a border, but I cropped it.}

And since we are on the subject of 'talking', I have said before how Justin and I have the strangest, yet funniest conversations. Here is one from today...
I seriously do not make him call me princess... regularly! Ha!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

hadlea at 21 months

I had planned to write this post at 21 months, but I also wanted to take new pics... I guess both of these have waited long enough... so here is Hadlea at 21 months and 2+ weeks! :-)

 She is weighing around 23 lbs.

She is wearing a size 3 diaper, size 6 shoe and size 18-24 or 24 month clothes. (She can wear 12 month skirts and shorts, but pants really need to be 24 months due to length.)

She LOVES shoes. Momma's, daddy's or whoevers she can get her feet into!

She is into dressing herself. It can get wild!

She is ready to be potty trained. She is telling us right after she goes... both 1 and 2. She no longer likes to be wet or dirty. We definitely need a few good days at home to potty train!

She goes to bed around 8-830PM and wakes up around 8-830AM.

She is the pickiest eater. Uggg... makes momma crazy!

Her favorite shows are Blues Clues and Barney. She LOVES to sing Barney. "I 'ov you, I 'ov you"

She will dance to anything!

She is starting to sing along to songs and sometimes makes up her own... or maybe she is singing something and we just haven't figured it out yet! :-)

She talks NON-STOP! If you do not answer or acknowledge, she says, "huh. huh, momma?" and then will repeat herself. It is better to answer or acknowledge the first time! Ha!

She is starting to 'play' with her babies... tea parties, having them go on walks, do their hair, change their clothes, put on diapers, etc. She will put one in the stroller or shopping cart and tell us, "bye-bye" like she is leaving. Her imagination grows more and more everyday!

She still has her paci. {Do they have paci rehab?!}

She is coming around to having her teeth brushed. I guess after a good 1+ year of brushing them, she is finally coming around! Ha!

She is learning her colors and shapes.
 and incase you were wondering what we bribed her with... smarties!

Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend recap... friends & football

Friday evening, we had friends over to cookout. G, Taran, Trevin and Raelie all came over for dinner. Hadlea and Trevin are starting to interact more and more. They are constantly doing something to make us laugh!
Saturday, daddy had to work for a few hours in the morning. Hadlea and I got up, had breakfast and then went to run some errands. First stop, oil change! ...where they gave Hadlea everything she wanted while we waited! Nothing like popcorn and a sucker right after breakfast! Ha!
Daddy got home shortly after lunch so we headed out to try and get some pictures of Ms H! You can see a couple HERE. I had bought this outfit earlier this summer, and I have been putting off taking her pictures. It is more of a chore sometimes because she will NOT sit still, but it is SO worth it to see the results! {I will be using all of the pics for Hadlea's 21 month post, so stay tuned...}
After pictures, we went home for nap time, but Hadlea had other plans... no napping! So we all got ready and headed to the Roumbanis house. A town near by was having a block party so we went to check it out! I guess since we got there early, it wasn't crowded so the kids got to jump and slide on the inflatables until their little hearts were content!
Then it was back to their house for a cookout. Hadlea and Jackson played in the backyard while we cooked dinner. {side note: I LOVED Hadlea's outfit. Gigi bought this for her back in OKC one weekend. She has no bottom, so I think skinny jeans make her look even smaller. Just so adorable!}
We had a great day/evening with the Roumbanis family. This was our last day as a combined 6 because on Wednesday, Mr Avery William will be entering this big ol' crazy world. And we CANNOT wait to meet his sweet face! I know his momma is counting down the seconds!!

Sunday morning, daddy went fishing for a few hours so Hadlea and I got up, had breakfast and did a little crafting. Obviously by the middle picture, you can see Hadlea dressed herself after getting out of bed! Ha! And by crafting, I mean we made birthday cards. We have TONS of birthdays coming up!
After breakfast and crafting, we played outside. Baby is still doing everything she does... swinging and sliding!
Nana and Rusty were going through town that afternoon, so they stopped and picked up Hadlea. Justin and I had an awesome afternoon of buying groceries, church and going out to eat. I sometimes think Justin and I should film our conversations when we are alone because they get crazy and just make me laugh. He really is my best friend. And even after just a few hours alone, it makes me so thankful that God put him in my life. There is just no one in this world that understands me like he does... and there is no one in this world that would put up with him like I do! Ha! :-) JK

We went to go get Had after eating. When we were about to leave, Rusty decide to measure her hands and feet in the cement from when they built their new house. This was in March of 2010. She was 3 months old. I cannot believe the difference in the size of her feet. She is already wearing a size 6 shoe. Her hand print, you can barely see. It is to the left of where her hand really is, but you can definitely tell it is bigger!
Once we got home, it was bath time, story time and then bed time. We had such a great weekend of hanging with friends and watching TONS of football. Man... I LOVE fall!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sneak peeks...

We had a fun, busy weekend! One thing I did get done over the weekend was taking Hadlea's picture in an outfit I got earlier this summer. I took these at a local park... here are just a couple!

love this!
{totally her. curious about everything!}
 <3 her eyes!
and this is for poppa.
{hadlea got a check in the mail for her savings. poppa sold her cow. and sorry poppa... she wanted no part of smiling with her check... only to stick out her tongue. but she thanks you for the check! :-) love you!}
more pics to come later.

Friday, September 23, 2011

project 365 - week 38

You can find week 37 here!

Parade! Hadlea and I went to the Wakita parade with Gigi and Poppa. Hadlea had a great time running to get candy and watching the parade!
Where's Hadlea?! Hadlea, Gigi and I went to our cousin Emily's wedding shower in Medford. Hadlea was 'hiding' from us during the shower! :-)
Cousin time! Aunt Les, Riley and Hannah came over for dinner. Hadlea LOVES Wy-wee and Hannah and follows one of them at all times!
Busy evening! After work and daycare, Justin, Hadlea and I headed to The Little Gym and then back to town for the Big Truck Event. Our had around 20+ big trucks for the kids to see. Hadlea's favorite was the horse trailer and horses that you could feed. She LOVED them!
 September 21, 2001: No Picture :-( - Hadlea spent the evening with daddy. Nana stopped by for a visit. I went to get my hair done and then out to dinner and drinks with my friend Catherine.

Family walk! Hadlea, Berkley and I (along with her baby) went for a walk! No matter what we do, a baby has to join so why not get her own seat in the stroller! Ha!
Peace! Hadlea before daycare! (the only picture I took all day!)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

hadlea's favorites

Monday evening, we got a visit from the cousins/neice and nephew! It is like a circus when they arrive! They are happy to be at Aunt Hova's (yes, that is what they call me), there is so much to do that they do not know where to start (play on the ipad, play on the playset, play catch outside, etc) and now that Hadlea is in the mix, they need to get there Hadlea time in too!

We (Hadlea, Justin and I) LOVE having the kids here! I always wish it was longer. They are THE BEST kids EVER!
Hadlea normally follows Riley's every move, but since Hannah wanted to go outside to play, she followed Hannah... even as far as having to wear her boots... simply because Hannah had on boots! :-)
my two most favorite girls
Hannah wanted to have a picnic. I brought them out a muffin because we were about to eat dinner. And her response, "you cannot have a picnic without a drink!". So I was off to bring drinks too! Hadlea just laughed and kept repeating Hannah's name! I think she was just happy to be with Hannah... picnic or no picnic!
aunt les, riley, justin and baby braden played Family Feud on the ipad!
After dinner and some catch outside, they had to leave! :-( Hadlea was so sad to see them go and has had to carry a picture of the 3 of them everywhere. I know she loves them so much!

This picture just makes me melt!
Thanks for bringing them down Aunt Les!
Miss you guys already!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm back & better looking....

...and I am back in the game!! I cannot tell you how bad it sucks to be private! If you want to know why I went private, read THIS. I kind of feel like half of my soul is back just by going back public! Ha! {and I know those that do not blog do NOT understand! :) }

You might have noticed some changes to the blog! I am LOVING the new look... thanks to Jessica from Diamond Doll Design! If you are looking for a new blog design, definitely check her stuff out HERE!

I had been wanting a more 'custom' look for a while, but I thought it would be such a hassle to do... but not with Jessica! We started on Monday and it was finished today... and I think I only wrote her a couple of emails on what my thoughts were! Thanks so much Jess... you are awesome!

I am also changing my domain name, so if you are having troubles getting around my page like I am, then bare with me... it will take a couple of days!

Because of the whole 'stealing pictures' thing, I decided I needed a new name. After what seemed like MONTHS of trying to decide, (I swear it was kind of like buying a house!) I went with 'love from momma'. After all, this blog is all about Hadlea and me being her momma! I am having my blog made into books so she will never have to wonder what she did in her little life! Ha! Plus, I just want her to know how much I love her... even by writing it to her 100 times a day!

For all of you bloggers that I just disappeared from... I am back! And cannot wait to get caught up with all of you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

showers, friends & a parade

This past weekend, Hadlea, Berk and I took a road trip home (to Medford, where I grew up). I am not sure if anyone else refers to their place of birth as "home", but I LOVE going home. My parents still live in the same house I grew up in since 1st grade... and it just feels like home! :)

We got in Friday evening, ate dinner and then got a visit from the Hammon's family! Hadlea got in some play time with Ady and Logan, well... Logan she just bossed around most of the time by telling him, "no touch my bubba" anytime he got too close to Berkley! Still not sure why she was so over protective. Any other time, she would be shoving him out of her way! Ha! Maybe she really does love him after all! :-)

Saturday morning we spent some time playing before we had to get ready for my cousin Emily's personal shower. Hadlea decided to play dress-up with Gigi's shoes!
Hadlea wore a dress that used to be Brynlee's. I found a picture of Brynlee wearing the dress at one of my baby showers.
Gigi and Hadlea
Emily's shower was so fun and she got alot of super cute stuff! At our family showers, the bride-to-be always has to model. She modeled a Christmas nightie that wasn't too revealing, but was very funny! She was such a good sport! (and not sure how I got away without modeling one thing when I got married, but I did)
Hadlea and Kate
Hadlea and I with Shawna and Emery Jo
After the shower, we spent time playing at home with Poppa. Hadlea needed a pampering back massage from her Poppa!
Later in the afternoon, we went to Wakita to the parade. Gigi goes through all of the county parades since she is a county official.
Poppa and H getting ready for the parade to start!
Hadlea was so fun to watch at the parade! She LOVED running after the candy. Her hands would be so full sometimes that she would try to hold it against her stomach and waddle back to us!
The kids ride their bikes to start off the parade.
Gigi riding in the parade.
Hadlea watching the Medford band.
And a cattle drive ends the parade.
Hadlea waving to the horses and cows!
her loot!
After the parade, we headed for Kansas for church and dinner! Thankfully we had decided to head North as a bad storm with hail and tornadoes came through town. Once we got back to Medford, I ran across the street to the Hammon's house to watch the OU/FSU game (which OU won) and then planned to watch part of the OSU/Tulsa game, but since that storm went through Tulsa, the 9PM start time got pushed back to 1215AM. I couldn't stay awake to watch all of the game, but I did keep getting up to check the score. It finally finished at 3:35AM... CRAZY!

Sunday morning we spent time playing with Hadlea. And you know ANYTHING goes at Gigi's, so it was outside to color!
Had and Gigi made lunch!
And then we were back off for Ernie and Emily's wedding shower!
Hadlea loved running around in the church building, but soon found her favorite place where she 'hid' from us! Ha! Where's Hadlea?!
After the shower, we loaded up and headed home... both of my babies slept the entire way! Can you see Berkley?? :-)
Daddy met us at home so we played babies and had dinner. Hiding must definitely be Hadlea's new thing. She was gone from the living room for a few minutes, which means she is either in the bathroom or in my office. I went to look in both areas and couldn't find her in either place. I look in our master bath and bedroom and couldn't find her there either. I kind of started to panic... then I heard something under our bed...
As soon as I looked under, she went to laughing and squealing. She thought she was SO funny!

We had a great weekend with Gigi and Poppa, but now for a busy week and a relaxing weekend at home! I have SO much to catch up on around the house. Maybe since H is so independent these days, I can put her to work... ;-)
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