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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what she's saying wednesday

Hadlea is starting to talk about her friends. I thought having 'friends' for her would be something that didn't happen for quite some time, but once again, I was wrong! She is just growing up too fast... but I am so thankful she is making friends and LOVING daycare!
  • Kelsey/Hannah - Her favorite daycare teachers. She is so happy to see Hannah in the mornings and always hugs Kelsey before we leave in the afternoon. She talks about both of them non-stop when she gets home. She will sometimes tell me a story and the only thing I catch are their names. Ha!
  • Isaac/Emi/Emery - Her daycare friends. She talks about Isaac and Emi the most, but has recently started talking about Emery. I didn't know which one Emery was so yesterday morning, I asked, and she was able to point her out. ...just makes me laugh!
  • Riley/Hannah - Her cousins. Hadlea LOVES Wy-wee and Hannah. I think she sometimes gets confused between Hannah her daycare teacher and Hannah her cousin. But Wy-wee is ALL hers. She will carry pictures of him around, talk to them and just crack up laughing! No doubt the 3 of them will be the best of friends!

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