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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

what she's saying wednesday

I meant to take some pictures of Hadlea yesterday to use with this post, but I never took one single picture. *gasp*! We had a busy day/evening, so it went quick! Hadlea has said some really funny things lately, so I still wanted to share.
  • "Baby cute momma, baby cute dadda" - We sat in the cry room with Hadlea at church on Sunday. We were the only ones in there until a lady came in with a baby. She would NOT leave the lady and the baby alone. She kept going to the lady and saying, "baby cute", "baby cute momma", "baby cute dadda". She would YELL our names so we would turn around and look at the baby! When we finally got her away from the baby and back to set with us, she would look back at the baby and say, "Oh... baby cute". Maybe we should stop telling her how cute her and her babies are! Ha!
  • "Broke", "book broke" - Also in the cry room at church (obviously we made a wise choice of sitting in the cry room since we apparently had a jabber box on our hands...), she picked up a book that had some pages torn out and she would constantly repeat, "broke. book broke"... over and over and over again! We had to hide the book! :)
  • "Ouch. paci", "ouch momma paci" - We are seeing great signs of a 'faker' actress on our hands. Since H goes 100 mph at all times, she occasionally has stumbles, which result in bumps, bruises or bloody lips. Twice in one weekend, she fell, once biting her tongue and the other her lip. Since I cringe at the site of blood, I run for the nearest paci to shove in her mouth to make her calm down. Works. Every. Time. However, on 3 different occasions now, she has started running and purposely threw herself down on the ground, started a fake cry and ran to her room asking for her paci. That is one smart baby girl! However, she cannot outsmart her momma, who quickly diverted her to something else!
And just because I couldn't post without a picture, I wondered what Hadlea looked like a year ago today. I posted some family pictures we had taken here, exactly a year ago today! Just doesn't seem possible she is almost 20 months old! Where has another year gone?!

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katie@tulsadetails said...

Isn't the talking so much fun! Finley has become so much more vocal and I love it!!

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