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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what she's saying wednesday & TLG

Hadlea talks more and more everyday! She is putting 4-5 words together at a time... and even will go into LONG stories and just laugh her sweet little head off. I so wish I knew what the entire story was about, because they sound really funny! Ha! Not a minute goes by that she isn't doing something that completely cracks us up... well, minus the times she goes into complete tantrum mode! :-) Here are just a few from the last week:
  • "No! No, Mommy! Noooo!" - This is what I heard walking Hadlea down the hall when she figured out she was going to a different class at daycare. I felt like the WORST momma ever! I know change is good for her, but it so hurts a momma's heart to hear those words.... followed by a raging scream! :)
  • "No, Daddy! followed by "Me. No, Daddy" - The other night, Justin was cooking dinner and Hadlea and I were playing play dough.  I asked Justin a question and I received a smart a** remark. I had to walk by him to get something, so I may or may not have de-pants'ed him! We both started laughing, and Hadlea started laughing too... later Justin did the same to me to get me back... Hadlea yelled, "No, Daddy! and then walked over, got in my face and said to me, "Me. No, Daddy". And then she started laughing. I think she was telling me that 'SHE' told Daddy No! Justin and I could NOT stop laughing, although Justin wasn't so sure about his 1 year old taking her momma's side! Ha! He COULD BE in trouble!
  • "Was up?!" - Last night on the way home from The Little Gym, Hadlea started saying something, but it took us a minute to figure it out. I finally caught on that she was saying, "What's up?!". HILARIOUS! Because we laughed so loud, we got to hear it for another 10 miles... Nice!
Last night we went back to The Little Gym. The first time when we went, she did great, but she was still a little clingy. This time... she was OUT OF CONTROL! She ran around non-stop... jumping, laughing, running, squealing, etc. etc. etc!! And she LOVED having her daddy with her this time. She showed him everything!

Each week, they have a station of the week. This week was doing a roll with the parent... kind of to learn trust. We ended up doing this several times... you can hear her yell 'GO' at the beginning and then laugh at the end.

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