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Thursday, August 04, 2011

weekend fun...

This past weekend was wonderful! Everything we did was decided VERY last minute. We had several plans as my cousin Taylor was supposed to come stay, but something came up and she couldn't make it. We just decided to have a family weekend.

Friday, we got a call from the Roumbanis family to go out to the Riverwalk to eat. It was about an hour wait so we let the kids run around outside. They were hilarious! The Riverwalk has a stage where bands perform and Jackson took it upon himself to perform break dance for everyone! He gave everyone some great laughs!
Saturday, we got up, I made breakfast and we spent the morning playing! Daddy was a great sport... feeding, rocking and changing babies! We got dressed and headed out to lunch. I was straightening my hair and Hadlea wanted hers done so I curled it.  {Side note: Auntie Amanda got Hadlea this dress before she was even born. It is a size 6-12 months... and it still fits! Great purchase!}
After having lunch and hitting the mall, we went to pick up some groceries. Hadlea thought this shopping cart was hilarious! She kept laughing out loud and saying alot of things that we couldn't understand! Ha!
The Roumbanis Family, Alissa/Dustin and James/Stephanie had all called so we decided to cookout last minute at our house so we could see everyone! The guys talked fishing (what else!?) and us girls talked about everything under the sun! Super fun times!

Sunday, we got up and ready for church. Gigi had bought Hadlea this outfit at the Affair of the Heart craft show. I LOVE it! I would love to order more if I can find the ladies stinking business card! Grrr....  Hadlea wanted to take a picture of me, so I took one back!
After church, we came home, I made lunch, H took a long 2 hour nap. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon. That evening, we made our weekly Bass Pro run... Ha! It seems we go every Sunday these days. You know, there is just something Justin just HAS TO HAVE! We ate out by the water and Hadlea wanted to watch the ducks.
Another great weekend! It has been a busy week. Just counting down the days to this weekend! Ha!

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