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Friday, August 26, 2011

turning 30...

So... my 30th birthday is coming up in October. I always thought the closer I got to 30 the more anxious, nervous and freaked out I would be... but let's face it... I am not any of the following:
  • mature enough to be 30
  • mature enough to be a mom
  • mature enough to be 30
So... I think it is perfectly safe to say I do not even feel close to being 30... and as long as I do not FEEL 30, then I am fine with turning 30. After all, it is just a number, right?! And it is about how OLD you ACTUALLY feel, right?! That is so what I thought... and what I will keep telling myself from here on out!

And I am writing about this today to thank two very important people in my life... Shannan.
 And my baby daddy...
...who both took an entire 24 hours out of their lives to start planning my 30th birthday surprise party before the information got back to me! Ha! A surprise party would have been super fun {my parents had me one when I turned 16 and it is definitely my most memorable birthday to date, well... maybe 2nd to my 21st birthday when I got engaged!}, but it is definitely the thought that counts! And now that I KNOW I am having a party... let the planning begin! I CANNOT WAIT!

And if anyone is looking for gifts to get me {hint, hint Justin who rarely reads my blog so not sure if you will see this}, but I will take either of the following... or BOTH:
  • a Louis Vuitton (ha. yes, I.AM.DREAMING)
  • tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game
See... not even a long list! Maybe not too reasonable on either, but really, how many times do you turn 30!? :-)

And because the grandparents would die without a picture of Ms thing... We went to meet my cousin's gfriend for dinner last night while daddy fished. They had put her hair in pig tails at daycare, but with only one bow. I didn't bring any extra one with me {and God forbid she go without bows, yes, I know}, so I had to put it in a pony tail...! LOVE her with a pony tail!
Happy weekend friends!

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