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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

sick girl & riley, hannah stay

Hadlea got sent home last Tuesday from daycare with a 102 degree fever. She has been sent home 2 or 3 times in the last year with a fever. After medicine and a nap, she has always been fine. I just assumed this time would be the same... WRONG! It is now a week later, and we are still battling her poor sickness! I kept her home on Wednesday, which my FIL so graciously came to watch Hadlea while I had a work meeting, and Justin came home early so I could finish out the day. Thursday, I decided to call the doctor since she was still running fever off and on... she would run between 101 and 103. Sure enough... double ear infection. We got some medicine and started going back to the chiropractor. She is no longer running a fever, but she is definitely NOT herself. Clingy, fussy, irritable and tired... I just feel so terrible for her!

We did get ALOT of cuddle and light playtime in since she has been home... {H and Berkley watching out my office window, reading books on the porch whiles watching it rain, going to the dr and crashing on the living room floor!}
I had already planned for my niece and nephew, Hannah and Riley, to come stay Thursday night. I had thought if they got to the house and Hadlea was terrible that we would just reschedule, but it was the complete opposite. It made her light up and she was the happiest she had been! Her and Hannah played in the backyard...
Aunt Leslie brought the kids down so we ordered dinner and hung around the house. After Les left and H went to bed, Riley and Hannah FaceTimed with Steve and Deana, my parents. They thought it was GREAT!
Friday morning, we all got up, had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, played a bit and then left for Hadlea's chiropractor appointment. After that, we headed to Incredible Pizza... they were the coolest kids there... per my hilarious niece anyway! Ha!
It is so funny to watch Hadlea interact with Riley and Hannah! It doesn't matter what they do, she HAS to try it! This picture just cracks me up!
They road animals, played games, golfed and bowled.
Hannah was so great to let Hadlea help her bowl!
My sweet baby girl and I while the big kids were bowling.
After playing games, we ate some pizza. Riley went to get us all desert and brought us all back cinnamon rolls. Hannah thought they were so great that we needed to take a picture and send to Justin and tell him they taste 'REALLY' good! So we did... here was her picture to Uncle Justin! (That girl is just hilarious!)
When we got to Incredible Pizza, I gave Riley and Hannah both a card with money on it to play the games. I told them once it was out that they were done... Ha... for one, they know me too well! The difference is that Riley understands money, Hannah... not so much! And this $5 video is proof that Hannah will BUY anything! She was done after about 30 seconds, but the parts she did participate in were SO funny!
We had such a great couple of days with the kids before they start back to school. I love those two kiddos more than they will ever know. Hadlea has talked about them non-stop since they left so I know she loves them just as much! I cannot wait to watch them all interact more and more as they get older. They are so good with Hadlea and make sure she gets anything she wants... much like their 'Aunt Hova' wants them to have everything they want! :)

Thanks for coming to stay, Riley and Hannah. We love you so much!

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