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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

recent buys/gifts & bow making

I found a girl on facebook that was making girls dresses out of men's tshirts. I RAN to the nearest store to stock up for football and basketball season. I just got them in and they are beyond ADORABLE!
Touchdown Cowboys! I am one PROUD momma... now, if only I could get the lady to make me one too! Ha! (If you are interested, please email or facebook me, and I will give you her info. She is doing it from her personal facebook page, so I don't want to throw her name out on here.)
I ran across Illia Designs and seen they were having a sale on their outlet site. I bought the following in different sizes for $15, $10 and $10.  I thought these were perfect for anytime of the year... summer or with tights and boots in the fall/winter!
And the best picture I could get... I had already maxed out my number of things to try on her for the night! Ha!
Our friends, the Roumbanis', are having a second baby boy in October. They are not having a shower since they already have all of their baby stuff and tons of boy clothes. I thought and thought about what I could have made. I wanted it to be unique and special. Fred's professional 'fishing name' is Boom Boom. I sent a picture of his boat to THIS Etsy seller, Cute as a Button Designs.
I have worked with Jennifer several times... she never fails! My request was the wording, the wings, the color. They turned out perfect for being such a CRAZY request!
 the backs.
Justin could NOT wait to give them the shirts. We took them right after we got them! They loved them and Fred swears they are wearing them home from the hospital... too bad I made them a little bigger for next fishing season! Oops!

Hadlea received a gift from her Godmother/my bff's MIL. Grandma Nita always remembers Hadlea when she does something special for her granddaughters! This is just a plastic beach tote that she has put different ribbon through and then the beach towel. I think this would be a fun project for some little girls!
I said in a previous post that I made a of couple bows by watching a YouTube video. Emily asked for me to share... here ya go, girl! :)  HERE is the video I watched and learned from. I watched several videos, but this was the easiest and quickest for me. I made one strand of ribbon longer than the other so I could get two bows and stack them. For the knot in the middle, I cut a small strand of ribbon, tied it to get the knot and then wrapped it around the bow and glued it. If you have specific questions, please let me know. If I make more, I will do a step by step tutorial!


Emily said...

Thanks for the video! I have so many friends with girls, I should really learn how to make some bows.

I LOVE all of those shirts and dresses. Seriously, Hadlea has the cutest wardrobe. I'm jealous. :-)

Candice said...

This is a GREAT post. Please email me the info on the shirt dresses. How much are they?


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